Thursday, November 8, 2007

Restless Sleeper

Restless Sleeper, originally uploaded by scoobers1.

This is why Dookie is not allowed to sleep in my bed. I'd never get any sleep. But the question is... how can I be mad about the stethoscope?
Seriously... look at her!


may-b said...

OMG he is so sweet. I love dogs sleeping. He is too funny.

tommie said...

I always wanted to get warm fuzzy feelings about puppies, but they make me sneeze

太陽プラザ said...

Your dog is so cute.
I have dog too.
She often sleeps.

Mandy Lou said...

Hah - that's exactly why George sleeps in the other room! She is cute though - almost irresistible.

Fleur de Lisa said...

How could anyone resist a face like that? :)

Lori said...

Too cute! Yeah, as much as I love having my dog sleep with me, it is such a pain sometimes, and he doesn't move nearly as much as Dookie apparently does.
She does look very happy to be in the bed though.
Love the collage.

Schmutzie said...

This makes me glad that my cats are cat-sized.

Your Dookie is adorable.