Thursday, November 8, 2007

F U * *

  • Fortunately, I made it over to my sister's house and we had a nice night tonight.
  • Unfortunately, when I got in my car to leave it wouldn't start.
  • Fortunately, Laura had jumper cables!
  • Unfortunately, that didn't work.
  • Fortunately, we both have AAA!
  • Unfortunately, they were also unable to jump start my car and said it's most likely my alternator and, more unfortunate still, my warranty expired almost exactly 1000 miles ago.
  • Fortunately, they said they could tow my car to the Jeep dealership anyway.
  • Unfortunately, it is 2 am and the dealership is closed.
  • Fortunately, he said it should be fine, that there would be a drop off and drop box.
  • Unfortunately, on the drive there, I think Dookie peed on the floor of the tow truck :/
  • Fortunately, he drove with the windows down and didn't seem to notice.
  • Unfortunately, we shivered all the way because the wind chill inside the cab felt like 20 degrees F.
  • Fortunately, he said he could drop me and Dookie off on the way to the dealership.
  • Unfortunately, I had zero cash on me for a tip and felt like a big piece of shit.
  • Fortunately, I apologized and he seemed really nice and did not care or expect one.
  • Unfortunately, ten minutes after he dropped us off I receive a phone call telling me that he had to drop my car off at the Ford dealership next door because the Jeep dealership's gates were closed. wtf?
  • Fortunately, I live directly behind this dealership and can walk my happy ass over there at the butt crack of dawn when they open, so that I may explain and my car does not get removed from their premises.
  • Unfortunately, it is currently 3:42 and the question of whether or not to go to sleep is weighing heavily on my mind.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

  • Fortunately, I have nothing else to do today so I can stay home and take a nap while my car is being fixed. So now, I think I'll set my alarm, snuggle in bed and watch Little House before I doze off. Nighty Night!


Fleur de Lisa said...

Wow, when it rains, it pours!

Car troubles really get to me. There's just something so unpredicatable about it that makes me nuts.

I hope everything works out okay today and they can fix it.

tommie said...

EEEkkkk!! I hate car troubles. I would just as soon trade the dang thing in. Hope it all works out.

Lori said...

Oh, car trouble is the worst, and always when you least expect it. Hopefully you only get fortunate news from the auto mech, you've had enough unfortunates for a while.
I was once travelling home from visiting my mom in California and my car broke down in Benson, AZ. at 3am or so, I will never forget that night, there was not a hotel within the city that had vacancy and we ended up sleeping on the floor of the tow truck drivers livingroom with the musty bed linens he gave us right off his bed. It was my worst nightmare, I really don't think I slept at all. He was being kind, but I couldn't help thinking the worst.
You living in AZ, talking about car trouble just reminded me of that night all over again, so I had to share.
Seriously though, I hope it all works out and you get your car back soon.

Mandy Lou said...

Sorry all that happened - but excellent story telling! Hope the car gets better soon, no bigger pain in the butt than trying to get to work without a car.

Sandi said...

Yeah, but does your car have a name?

Scoobers said...

Thank God. It was just the battery. Apparently it was SO dead it wouldn't hold the charge.

Sandi- should it have a name? is it bad luck if it doesn't? Like a boat?