Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Letter To My Brother-In-Law

Dear Jerry,

I'm not sure how much internet time you get because I know you're busy training and serving your country. Just a short note to let you know that everyone misses you! I hope things are going well and that you will keep all of us posted on how you are and, if possible, where you are. Take lots of pictures, post them when you can and we'll keep you updated on the homestead.

Take Care and we'll see you at Christmas!


P.S. Don't let the guys give you too much shit about the Britney, Nsync, BSB, New Kids or Shania on your iPod. Own it!

This one's for you...


kimmyk said...


Thank you Jerry.

LOL @ your iPod shuffle. LOL...

I tagged you this morning....bwahahaha thank me later.

Lori said...

I'm catching up on your blog from the past couple days and I keep reading things that make me laugh out loud (the YouTube video one of them) and my husband keeps asking me what's so funny.
He really doesn't get the whole blogging thing. Especially that I read other peoples blogs that I don't know.

Just Laura said...

I love the video - very Jerry! really.

Jenni said...

God, I love that commercial!