Friday, August 31, 2007


Boy! That sure made me feel like chomping on a minty-fresh wad of gum! You?
My guess is that the TSA would have dragged his ass into a private room off to the side of the terminal and performed a full interrogation and body cavity search only to discover nothing except that he is a complete moron.
Now, THAT would make a great public service announcement on behalf of airline security.

"Act like a Justinesque buffoon... Get a latex glove up your arse!
Happy Flying!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So Long, Dear Friend

I was awoken at about 11 am this morning by Christine when she came home for lunch. She normally comes home a little after noon and we sit in the livingroom, eat, chit-chat and, dare I say, watch The Bold and the Beautiful. Today she was early. Today, she also came into my room and sat on my bed. I looked at the clock and asked her why she was early and she told me that our mom had sent an email out to tell us that our beloved dog, of 13 years, had passed away last night. She wanted to buffer the news that Mommy couldn't tell us in person because she was unable to do so without breaking down in tears.

We are all very sad but also thankful that we had so many years and good memories of her. Also, we are grateful that she passed quietly and peacefully.
My mom and dad told me that she had been laying in the hallway. Her breathing was labored and she did not seem to want to move. They brought her some water and although she did not appear to be in pain she lifted her head but did not attempt to get up or take a drink. A while later my parents, in the next room, heard her get up and walk into the kitchen and lay down between the island and the desk. My dad went in to check on her only to find that she had stopped breathing.
My mother said, "She went just like Scoobie. So quiet. Such a good girl."
It gives me comfort to think that Scoobie and Jackie are together again- playing, chasing, teasing and egging one another on. Maybe we will see them too someday on the Rainbow Bridge.

Good bye, Scoobers. We will miss you.



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Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm Going Camping!

(it's a title you have to SING!)

I'm going caaaaaaaaamping!
Gonna eat burnt hot dogs on a stiiiiiiiiiiick!
Maybe do some swiiiiiiiiiiiiiming!
Gonna pee on some leeeeeeeeeaves!

Bye! Have a great weekend, everyone!
To do list to follow...

Why, Hello There!

and... manamana! DO-DO-BEE-DO-DO!

: )

Monday, August 6, 2007

SPF: Good Night

My comfy bed, originally uploaded by scoobers1.

I have not posted in about a week just because I've been so busy but always make time to check in on Jenni and Sandi. Jenni participated in Self Portrait Fridays, created by Kristine at R&O. I always loved the concept and decided that I would make it a weekly obligation. Sunday, I found out that Kristine has retired SPF. I am a little sad but realize she has much more important things to focus on and I wish her the best.

I hope that I can keep up with the blog because it has become a means to keep in touch with some very important people in my life. Also, it gives me an outlet to spew random thoughts/events, vent frustration and encourage creativity that I know is still in me and wants to get out.

For now, thanks and good luck to Kristine. May you find the peace you seek. And good night!