Friday, May 23, 2008

Hello, Thirteen!

Today my neice, Bekah, turned thirteen. ThirTEEN! I am so excited for her!

It does make me feel the years a bit. Nevertheless, I'm so thrilled for her because I loved being a teen... ahh the days! Friends, fun, first kisses, first love, seemingly never ending summers!

Wednesday we went for pedicures and had a good time regardless of the dirty looks we got from my nail technician after I squealed, nearly kicked her chin when she tickled me with that pumice stone and caused the two of us to break out in a fit of the giggles. My future fungal infection will be payback enough but it's the price we pay for cute toes!

I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Bekah!
I hope that your teenage years are just as carefree and fun as I remember mine to be.

Have a good time down in Tucson and I'll see you when you get back!

Love you lots,

Auntie Katherine

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I love you.
Happy Birthday!
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