Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I don't know why I even bother to buy candy for the trick-or-treaters. Last year, I only had one little boy come. He got a good portion of the loot since no one else had been by. Currently, it is 9:52 pm and in trick-or-treater time, it's late, done. Da game is ova.

Grand Total of Trick-or-Treaters this year? A Big FAT zero.


26/365 Jared

Lantern of Jack, originally uploaded by scoobers

You sat picking ticks off of your dog. We dug holes in your front yard and buried them in small coffins that once held candy bats and Draculas. I wonder if they are still there.

I am a participant in x365.

My 100th Post

100 Things for my 100th Post.

"I wanna talk about me!
Mmmm me, me, me, me, me!"

~Toby Keith

  1. I am a Cancer.
  2. I was born in Illinois, The Land of Lincoln.
  3. I am a middle child.
  4. I have two sisters.
  5. I inherited my mom's stature and my dad's face.
  6. I love my parents more than words can express.
  7. I still call them 'Mommy' and 'Daddy' and that will never change.
  8. My family is most important.
  9. I am a registered nurse who works with Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant patients.
  10. The University of Arizona is my alma mater. GO CATS!
  11. With only a few exceptions, I love what I do.
  12. I love thunderstorms, mountains, clouds, and dragonflies.
  13. HBO and the Weather Channel are my favorite things to watch on television.
  14. I am obsessed with Local On the 8's.
  15. Summer transition to Fall is my favorite time of year.
  16. I have a fear of heights and speaking in public.
  17. I am superstitious.
  18. I believe in signs.
  19. I like my feet.
  20. I don't like my hands (especially my thumbs).
  21. I am a saver of things sentimental.
  22. My favorite place to be is on the warm beach, Dos Equis in hand, in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.
  23. I am jealous of other gringos who can fluently speak Spanish.
  24. Painting both relaxes and stresses me out.
  25. I cry and turn all red when I laugh too hard.
  26. I get hot and turn all red when I cry.
  27. Being rushed is one of my pet peeves.
  28. I have always hated the term "pet peeve". Is there an alternative?
  29. I will do just about anything to avoid confrontation.
  30. I loathe drama, people who create drama and Drama Queens.
  31. My first car was a lime green 1979 Chevy Nova, named "The Super NOVA" that I got from my Gramma.
  32. I didn't get my license until I was 18.
  33. It is funny to me when people get hurt, in a clumsy, no-serious-injury, non-life threatening way.
  34. I have a hard time trusting people.
  35. I tend to keep people at a distance.
  36. My sister is my best friend.
  37. I love music.
  38. In my life, I've loved The Beatles most : )
  39. I can't sing but I like to in my car.
  40. If I had a choice to pick any career (besides nursing) it would include art, photography or traveling (or a combination of the three!)
  41. I need three pillows and a down comforter to sleep.
  42. I have serious sleep issues.
  43. I love mid-day naps while other bustle around me.
  44. The hours just before sunset are my favorite time of day.
  45. Math, of any kind, causes me anxiety.
  46. I would like to learn to crochet (because of my Grammas).
  47. I do crosswords in pen.
  48. I procrastinate.
  49. My nickname for myself is "Sidetrack".
  50. I love the southwest and the desert.
  51. My cellphone ringtone is the theme to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
  52. I have a difficult time accepting complements.
  53. I know that I am talented, smart, pretty and overall a good person.
  54. That was difficult for me to write without backspacing.
  55. Phlegm makes me squeamish.
  56. I love to drive... faster than people around me.
  57. My navigational skills and sense of direction are practically nonexistent.
  58. I don't like to cook.
  59. I do like to make cheesecakes.
  60. I am an introvert.
  61. I am afraid my shyness projects itself as snobbiness.
  62. I play the lottery and truly believe that I will win someday.
  63. I have met Bill Clinton and Margot Kidder.
  64. I would like to illustrate children's books.
  65. I wish I had taken art classes like Mommy, Aunt Flo and Debbie always told me I should.
  66. I think that hypocritical, judgmental, gossipy people must all rot in hell.
  67. I try very hard not to be hypocritical, judgmental or gossipy : )
  68. I think that God shaped pigeons like footballs for a reason.
  69. I would never really hurt another living creature (unless it hurt me or threatened to hurt me... or if it gets annoying. Mosquitoes, ants and roaches don't count.) Okay, the point is now moot. I would hurt a living creature.
  70. I feel sorry and get sad for inanimate objects that are damaged and uncared for.
  71. Rarely, do I ever get bored.
  72. I don't keep up with the news like I should.
  73. The news makes me depressed and worried.
  74. WTF? is my favorite expression.
  75. I love cheesecake, chocolate cake with milk, tapioca and macaroni and cheese.
  76. Cooked zucchini, brussel sprouts and seeing a hair in the sink while I'm brushing my teeth will make me gag.
  77. I'd rather be hot than cold.
  78. I wear flip flops year round.
  79. I hate 'real' shoes.
  80. I don't like having to get dressed up to go out.
  81. I am horrible at keeping in touch.
  82. I am currently reading three different books at the same time.
  83. I love to lay in a pile of warm laundry.
  84. I abhor people who can not control their tempers.
  85. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
  86. I have THREE junk drawers in my kitchen.
  87. Hearing daytime television makes me cringe.
  88. The farthest I've been away from home is Greece.
  89. I love the smell of Tucson rain, cookies baking, Eternity for Men and a new book.
  90. I get motion sickness.
  91. I am incapable of sitting in a chair correctly.
  92. I like salads and my fruit at room temperature.
  93. I hate hate hate passive-aggressiveness.
  94. I always set my thermostat to an Even number.
  95. I eat a little chocolate every day.
  96. I am a dog person.
  97. Sometimes, I am my own worst enemy.
  98. I am self-aware, aware of others, observant, particular and difficult to please.
  99. I am a boiling, bubbling, cauldron of emotion.
  100. This is me. I am.

Buried In the Past (and This Blog)

Buried among the slew of today's posts, kind of hoping no one will read this, is another vivid dream. One that made me feel when I woke up. If you do read this, I ask that you comment for my sanity's sake and so that I don't feel like a complete fucktard.

Act I, Scene I: My parents called to tell me that Scoobie was alive again. Somehow she was back, so I went to their house to see her. She looked completely different. Her hair was long and matted. Her eyes looked old and diseased with cataracts. She was weak and could barely move. She lifted her head and tried to get up to come to me but her back legs did not seem to work. I rushed to her and laid down on the floor next to her. I pet her ears and head and kissed her, telling her I loved her. She died right there while I was laying with her. Jackie came around with yellow eyes, looking like a ferocious, rabid SS police dog. She darted around the corner and I did not see her again. Red, brown and yellow leaves blew around the backyard.

Act I, Scene II: I was in a convenience store that was located within a complex of condominiums/resort. There was a large pool area with a waterfall that I could see through the large window in the back. I ran into an old friend, DP, greeted him and gave him a hug. I told him that Christine was around somewhere and should be here shortly. Then we ran into an ex-boyfriend of mine. We all stood around talking for a while when, during the conversation, I came to understand that we were to be married the next day. I froze and started to panic a little because this man had really hurt me in the past and wasn't sure when all of this had transpired. Mommy came around the corner carrying a pack of gum and other things she had picked up. Daddy was carrying a financial investment magazine of some kind. I flipped though it briefly. They seemed to be aware of the next day's plans so I hesitantly shrugged off my confusion and apprehension.
GW and I went to my childhood bedroom, sat on my bed and and lay together on the afghan Gramma Marcy had crocheted for me when I was little. We had a brief 'frollick' and blankets were everywhere. Just before the interaction became ultimately intimate (for lack of better wording and censorship) he sat up on the end of the bed and turned his back to me. His head hung very low. I immediately was angry and annoyed at the way he seemed to be sulking for attention. When he spoke, his tone exuded indifference and hatefulness. He stood up to dress. Cautiously, I questioned him why he was acting the way he was and received only a dead blank stare. Then he said that the wedding was tomorrow and that I shouldn't make so much of things. I told him then and there that there was no way I could marry him if this was the way things were going to be. Christine and DP came into the room at this time to collect me and we all walked out together.

I was a little hesitant to post this one because I woke up feeling a little beside myself, uneasy and unrested. It is not something that I normally would put out there but for Dream Diary's sake, I need to. The Scoobie portion of the dream set my emotional state. My heart was heavy over her death again and I felt sadness that Jackie was not her sweet self. As for Act I Scene II, I have not dreamed of GW in quite a very long time and don't know why I would now. It seems strange to post it when I am so uncomfortable with it but in the end, it's just a dream right?
In true life, our relationship ended very badly and affected me in a way that no other had previously or in years to follow. I do not think that I would allow someone to emotionally injure me that severely ever again, even in a dream.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bloggers, Meet Laura.

Laughs, originally uploaded by scoobers1.

I would like to introduce you to my sister, Laura. She is new to blogspot, blogging and blogs in general. After much hinting, prodding and flat out telling them they need to start up their own, Laura is the first in my family to jump on the bandwagon. To join the masses.
She started her blog as journal for herself and as a way to keep her husband, Jerry, updated during his deployment to Iraq. He left last Saturday.


Laura wears many hats and is a very busy person, working full-time and raising two children. Now that Jerry is away, she will need as much support as we all can give her. Please, welcome her to the blogosphere.

25/365 Emily

La Paloma's intercom. Magnetic bees. Pancho. Chico. Jungle Hunt. Pit Fall. Peas from the garden. It was always so much fun at your house. We would hide behind closed shutters when our mom showed up.

I am a participant in x365.

A Gramma Mary Moment

When I was six, Christine had a friend named Emily and Emily had everything. Going to her house to spend the night was like going to Disney Land (or China, where they make all of the things we envied). Hello Kitty, Little Twin Star, Atari, you name it. She even had a fluffy-headed stuffed animal named Frou Frou. When you shook her head (in the most loving and affectionate way, of course) her soft, pretty pink hair would stand up all over. Every little girl's Must Have. After much begging, pleading and the donation of our left kidneys, our parents decided that we too deserved our own Frou Frous. So, they talked to Santa and he was was given consent to leave, under the tree, a pink headed white headed Frou Frou for Christine and a blue-headed Frou Frou for me.
It was not long after we got our fluffy headed Froufs that we discovered putting baby powder in their hair was too much fun! A little shake of powder went a long way. A half a bottle would make it into the next room, at least.
We stayed at Gramma Mary's one weekend and were having our usual fantabulous Frou Frou fun when Gramma came in and took the powder away, telling us, "You're going to give yourselves asthma!"

*** UPDATE***

For those of you who were wondering, this is a Frou Frou Doll.
(Gotta love Google)

Frou Frou, Made by Dakin.

Monday, October 29, 2007

24/265 Mel

You went to a concert with us and played the drums on the back of my seat all through "Hotel California". I wanted to punch you in the eye. You still owe me ticket money.

I am a participant in x365.

There's Plenty of Room at the Hotel California

Here I lay, bleary eyed and wondering where it comes from. I could not make this shit up if I tried.

I was working on a paper for which I had researched illicit drug use in adolescents. After completion, my paper would be presented to a magazine for possible publishing. My article was about methamphetamine use and the effects it has on teenagers and the lives of people who care for them. It was submitted to Rolling Stone through an intricate pneumatic tube system. In order to get their reply I had to use a different method of tubes. After pouring water down some clear neoprene, I watched it roll and fall out of sight until the water flowed back up and tube began to fill. I put my ear to it to listen to their response. A man's voice told me that they loved the article but unfortunately it was too graphic and 'scary' to publish. (Almost famous?)
On the way home, I drove on a freeway that passed over Disney Land. I could see the Small World off to my right. The man I was driving with told me which roadways to take since I was unfamiliar with California freeways. I made it back to the friends' house where I was staying. They lived in some sort of a small commune that housed several Duplexes that surrounded a central courtyard with dead grass. Their house looked as if it were all bedrooms. No kitchen or living area, just a long hall with sleeping areas. Even though there were many beds they told me there was no room for me to stay so I ended up in their neighbor's garage on a little canvas stretcher. Everything was coated in a thick layer of dust and smelled damp and of mildew. When I woke, their neighbor came out and told me that I needed to clean up the mess, which included piles of old oil filters, dryer lint balls, coffee cans filled with nuts and bolts and baby diapers (used and unused). After finishing, I walked back across the courtyard and spotted my dad, outside, watching a game on a television. My mom was gardening. Hotel California was playing.
When I needed to leave my dad told me to stay because the game had three quarters left to go. Somehow, he was equating the amount of time left in the game to how much daylight was left. I argued that I was going to be late. The sun was sinking decidedly fast, I didn't know where I was going and was afraid to drive home on the freeways.
My choices for a ride were a little convertible matchbox-type car or an old refrigerator. When I decided to take the mini car out, my dad told me that he preferred that I use the fridge. I opened the freezer door and the fridge part was filling with water. So, I told my dad that the last time I drove the fridge the door kept swinging shut in my face and I couldn't see anything. I ended up driving away in the little car, dwarfed by SUVs and semis with the cool wind in my hair.

Heard at Work Lastnight

"My crack hurts. Can I borrow your lip stuff?"

Sunday, October 28, 2007

23/365 Javier

Lots of laughs in Mr B's class. We were trouble. When you got sick I didn't know what to do. My mom said that was normal. I panicked, then vanished. Did I let you down?

I am a participant in x365.

The Land of Opposite and Backwards

This dream was dreamed in the Land of Opposite and Backwards. Everything that happened in it is contrary to anything that I know to be true of myself and the people in it.
My parents were supposed to be going out of town. MK, ChM, JPed were going to spend the night at my parents house, like a sleepover for grownups. All of us and Christine were playing some sort of "Never have I ever..." or "I would rather..." game in the living room. There were more people there who were sitting around on floor and couches. MK said that JPed couldn't dictate where we should be and what we should do and wanted to move somewhere else so I went down the hall to find a new place. I opened my parent's bedroom door to find that Daddy was in there sleeping in the evening darkness and on the left side of the bed. Puzzled and a little worried, I went out to tell the others that my dad was still there. ChM got up off the floor and started gathering her things. She decided she didn't want to stay if my mom and dad were going to be home. She said it was bullshit and that she was under the impression that my parents wouldn't be there. Then she asked me if I would go with her to make a phone call to let someone know she wouldn't be staying. I did but I couldn't imagine who she would be calling. It turned out to be a guy she was seeing and she was going to go out with him instead. I couldn't help feeling that somehow we all disapproved of him.
MK decided we should all go out. We got ready, picked out what we were going to wear and left. We ended up at a bar with different levels. The top level was a club. It was dark, cold and loud. Tons of people were drinking and dancing. It opened up to an outside area where there was a balcony that looked over the bottom level that was more like a restaurant. It was warm outside and people were sitting around on the benches and tables, drinking and talking. I was looking over the balcony watching the people downstairs. Directly below was this guy who was sitting with his back to me. I was looking down on sweaty, hairy ass crack decked out in black pleather. Later, Christine came upstairs to tell me she had started making out with him before she realized he was a disgusting wet, hairy beast with bad breath.
The club was part of a much bigger building and somehow we all ended up getting lost inside of it. We were riding elevators to different floors. One had a library with tall ceilings that made it echo. Another was like a little boutique. We rode the elevator down and were making our way through a maze of huge columns of cement and stone. We happened upon a couple of people who appeared to have come from the club, by the way they were dressed and smelled like cigarette smoke. They told us they could help us get out. They said they were medical students and then gave us valium and duragesic patches to chew on, saying it would help us to relax. It was very Alice In Wonderlandish. We chewed on the plastic and went on our way.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Glam to the Bone

Glam to the Bone

On the day I was found
All the kids gathered round
The girls spoke up
And they said "Gotta take this one home"
They could tell right away
That I was glam to the bone

Glam to the bone
Glam to the bone
G-G-G-G-Glam to the bone

I chewed a thousand shoes
Before I met you
I'll chew your Minolo & Choo's, baby
Before I am through
I wanna poo on your floor, pretty baby
Yours and yours alone
I'm here to bark at you, honey
Cause I'm glam to the bone

Glam to the bone
Glam to the bone

I make the neighbors yell
I'll make the mailman run
Wreck your house all to hell
But I'll be lots of fun
I wanna pee on your burbur, baby
Yours and yours alone
I'm here to whine at you, honey
Cause I'm glam to the bone

Glam to the bone

~Written by Scoobers
~Inspired by the Dookster, her new sweatshirt and George Thorogood and the Destroyers.

Dookie would like to give her thanks to K.B. and her herd, without which she would not be where she is today. She loves her sweatshirt!


Glamour Girl

22/365 Mrs Carithers

Continuous Lines, originally uploaded by scoobers1.

A gentle and kind person. You were thin, frail, had broken bones and were sick a lot. You spoke softly with a shaky, feeble voice. You seemed 100 years old to me. You were probably forty-five.

I am a participant in x365.

Friday, October 26, 2007

21/365 Maria Garcia

That was your sister's name too. The difference was one year, a middle initial, her big hair, and your's long and wavy. She was a bully. You were one of the sweetest people I knew.

I am a participant in x365.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

20/365 Kara

You were new in Ms McConnell's class. We were instant best friends. Sleep overs. Smurfs at six a.m. Magic shows. Halloween. Swimming at your Gramma's. Cooties, Connect Four and Hungry Hungry Hippos. Brownie Troop 77.

I am a participant in x365.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

19/365 Tim

I must have been temporarily insane to date you. A pathological liar, you told everyone your father died tragically. I cried with you. Consoled you. Then, about a week later, I spoke with your dad.

I am a participant in x365.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

18/365 Andy

A student in Mr Rod's class, I helped you with your reading and math. You got the class to sign, "I love you," to me during your recital and then I got a group hug.

I am a participant in x365.



A long week of family, friends and fun was had by everyone. We all returned home yesterday. My parents left today. The house is empty and quiet. It's back to the same old. Sometimes that's nice. But not today.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Somewhere In the Middle...

God smiled down from the heavens and said, Let it be so. Then, the planets aligned so that, for one nanosecond, all in the universe was right and the arid, spinning world within my dryer came to a halt at that particular moment.

And it was good.

14/365 Jason (or... Forrest)

Green eyes. Dark hair. Beautiful. I professed my love and carved your name on the bridge, walking home from school one day. Years later, I met you at a party and your name... was 'Forrest'.

I am a participant in x365.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

13/365 Erin

Personalized, originally uploaded by scoobers1.

Plastic sunflowers line your banister. Your rubber stamp collection on display. Magnets, buttons, figurines, and do-dads galore. There is something everywhere but the ultimate is PeeWee Herman sitting on your mantle wearing a Beatles pin.

I am a participant in x365.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

12/365 D.B.

Smacking your lips. Picking your teeth. Licking your fingers. Wide mouth laughs and full on conversations with food in your mouth. The day you talked and spit on my leg, I thought I might faint.

I am a participant in x365.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

11/365 Colleen

The story was, you tried to leave him. You wanted different things. I'd not heard from you in years and was shocked to hear of your death. A great loss for everyone who knew you.

October 2007 - Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I am a participant in x365.

Monday, October 15, 2007

10/365 Mr Greenberg

You taught us every country, capital and leader; to play the recorder; current events and how to dance to Huey Lewis and the News. You smelled of coffee and onions but you were my favorite.

I am a participant in x365.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Death Wish Part Two

I got home from work at 9:30 one morning, about a week ago. I had Cheerios for breakfast, played with Dookie for a bit, brushed my teeth and crawled in bed. I was asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

I wrote this as soon as I woke up:

We were driving down a neighborhood street. It was dusty and windy and dark. I'm not sure where we were headed. Me, Christine and my ex-boyfriend were plowing down a dirt road in this huge, green, boat-of-a-car. We skidded to a stop in front of an old house that appeared to be part of a ghost town or movie set at Old Tucson. Something was after us so we ran inside to get away from whatever it was.
Christine and MyEx ran around the corner, down the hallway and through the next door. I tried to follow and got to the end of the hallway when the dark figure came swiftly up and cornered me there. He held out a blade, shaped like a half-moon, and said, "This is what you get for not doing as I say." He held the blade to my throat and pushed. The last thing I remember was the blade going all the way through my throat and envisioning that I was looking down my own trachea which looked like a long, red, sucking tube. I wasn't panicked or franticly trying to get away. I just let it happen. Sure it would be my last, I took a deep breath of warm air and then I woke up.

Again. A violent dream of someone trying to murder me. This time, it appears that they succeeded. What is the significance of this? Is this a premonition? A warning that someone has a death wish for me? A sign that something is off kilter in my life? Perhaps I shouldn't eat Cheerios before bedtime. Or is it a cerebral connection between me and my puppy? I did find a stuffed moose head, minus the body, outside my bedroom door, compliments of Dookie. Is she trying to tell me something?

I have been off of work for several days and have not had any violent, nightmarish dreams. I am unable to recall them when I wake but know, when I open my eyes, that I have had restful sleep and pleasant dreams.
Tonight, I return to work. I am curious to see what the Sandman has in store for me.

Sleep tight, everyone.

She's No 'Lady'

Manners, Dookie.
I really need to have a talk with her.

9/365 Angie

They teased you for being overweight. I felt bad for you but I did nothing to stop it. Now, 'I'm sorry I did not stick up for you', is my apology you can never hear.

I am a participant in x365.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


After the Rain, Tucson Arizona

Out of the blue, you may be walking through the market or down the street and catch a scent and suddenly be transported to a time in your life that could not have been brought back more powerfully by any other means.
One thing that I have observed while taking the time to think of certain scents and the memories they conjure, is that I can not recall a bad thought or negative feeling associated with scents that caused me to remember and reflect. Anytime this has happened, I am filled with nostalgia and wanting. I yearn to be back 'there' for just for a moment, to feel how I felt at that time.

This meme is courtesy of Sandi.

Throughout childhood and even adulthood certain people always smelled different to us, what scents remind you of a loved one?
When we were little mom always smelled of cinnamon gum. Her purse was filled with all of the things that my sisters and I could ever need. To use her handkerchief or tissue meant you would get an extra big whiff of cinnamon Trident Dentyne.
Stetson cologne reminds me of getting ready for church on Sunday mornings. My dad would splash on a little just before leaving. On the way there the air in the car would be filled with the smell of my dad.

Are there any scents that remind you of a certain place or time in your life?
Every now and then I'll smell something in the air that brings me back to elementary school. Specifically, I recall sitting on that big, spiral-woven rug listening to stories told by my teachers. It's frustrating that I can not put my finger on what the scent is but instantly I am transported back there.
The smell of a coming storm and the smell after the rain can bring me back to a few different places and times, depending on the time of year. I remember the park, long walks, deep talks, lots of laughs, teasing, playing and chasing. Kissing and dancing, after the rain.

What are some comforting smells for you?
With a click and a bang, the heater turns on and the air is filled with warm memories of snuggling under my Gramma's afghans and not ever wanting to get out of bed.
My mom is in the kitchen, the sounds of football are coming from the family room. The air outside has turned cool with the arrival of fall. The smell of a turkey cooking in the oven instantly brings me home to Tucson.
Cookies baking reminds me of winter, a warm kitchen, Gramma Marcy, her Melting Moments and stealing hot, gooey cookies cooling on the table.
The smell of the warm, wet air after a monsoon rain in Tucson reminds me of Gramma Mary's house. I remember the cold, damp from her swamp cooler and the cicadas buzzing in the trees outside. I don't know if its the soil, the Creosote or the Desert Broom that gives the air its distinct smell but there is nothing like it that brings me back to Tucson, to Gramma Mary's and Home.

What are some of your favorite scents/smells?
I love the smell of rain, a new book, fresh coffee, popcorn, fresh baked bread, Pier One, Victoria's Secret grape lip gloss...

Do you use any form of aromatherapy in your home or throughout the day?
There are scented candles in my living room and incense in the kitchen and bathrooms.
See SPF: Fresh.

If you had to describe yourself as a scent (or combination), what scents would you be?
I would love my favorites to describe me: Melting Moments and a Tucson Rain.

8/365 Mike

Sears Roebuck and Co. You were new to the group. The stock guys took you in and you tried to be 'one of the boys'. It wasn't funny. It wasn't cool. It's called sexual harassment.

I am a participant in x365.

Friday, October 12, 2007

7/365 Eich

Always a laugh. You're difficult to follow but you're honest and hilarious about it. My favorite quote at the beginning of shift report from you, "Drop kick me Jesus... through the goal post of life."

I am a participant in x365.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Found In Today's Site Meter Stats

Visit Length
0 seconds
Page Views
Referring URL
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Search Words
wife order husband to eat her shit and drink her pee
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Time Zone
Visitor's Time
Oct 11 2007 1:34:33 am
Visit Number

It's interesting to see how net surfers end up on my page.
Obviously, this person did not find what they were looking for at Scoobers. My question is, how in the hell did this search string direct traffic to my page?
My other questions is WTF??

There is one sick puppy in Singapore.

6/365 Mr McGlynn

'Hall Pass' by Mr McGlynn and Kathy-rine

More of a social gathering, physics was not our priority. You were patient with a room full of wildly, boisterous teens. Always maintaining order, keeping your eye on the ball... but I saw you laugh.

I am a participant in x365.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

5/365 Bill Clinton

The week after September 11th we spotted you on 5th Avenue. I headed you off across the street from Saint Patrick's Cathedral. You shook my hand and said to me, "Thank you, that means a lot."

I am a participant in x365.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rosati's To the Rescue

Oncology nurses get similar responses when people find out what they do for a living. We hear, "Isn't it depressing? That must be so hard. I could never do that," to which I reply: Yes, sometimes it's a tough job but I love my patients and taking care of them and their families. Caring for them and seeing them along their journey through diagnosis, treatment and planning for the unforeseeable future is nothing compared to the physical and emotional suffering that they experience every day. If I can help to make that journey a tiny bit easier, then I have done my job. I can not imagine doing anything else.

Note to self: You are human.

This morning, I left work a big bawling baby. A total of four embarrassing melt downs, one of which occurred at a patient's bedside. Six nights on a pod full of confused, yelling, incontinent patients is manageable. Add to that the previously discussed elements of the job I love and it is just a matter of time before the breaking point is reached.
I feel like I'm insane.
No alarm. I woke up at 7pm. I have decided to take tonight off from work. I talked with the designee (charge nurse, head nurse) and arranged a preplanned sick call.

Tonight, I am regaining my sanity with mind numbing TV (currently an ANTM mini-marathon), celeb bashing magazines and junk food. I am going to play with my puppy, catch up on your blogs and eat pizza.

My first bite and I already feel better.

Thanks Head Nurse for the advice on how to do it right.

4/365 Marty

You gave me a pencil with a green fuzzy and googly eyes on the end. You liked me but you never knew I liked you back. You became a 'movie star' in KidCo and disappeared.

I am a participant in x365.

Monday, October 8, 2007

3/365 Andy

You lived on Alta Vista and we would walk to school together with our Grammas. You were my best friend. We went to Chuckee Cheese. Then one day you threw mud on my favorite dress.

I am a participant in x365.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

*Heard from the Nurses Station

Multiple IV infusion pumps are alarming.

Bed 2 puts his call light on.

Bed 4, "Nuuuuuuuuuuuurse! I need water!"

Bed 3, "God DAMMIT!"

Bed 4, "Waaaater! Nuuuuuuuuuuurse! I need waaaaaaaaaaaaaaater!"

Bed 7, "Somebody help me, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!"

Bed 5 wretches.

Bed 4, "Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurse!"

Something crashes to the floor in Bed 1. Thankfully, not the patient.

Bed 4, "I want to see the monkeys!"

Laughter from Bed 8 (and the nurses station).

Bed 4, "Nuuuuuuuurse! Nuuuuuuuuurse! Nuuuuuuuuuurse!"

Bed 3, "Oh, Damn."

A dying infusion pump from the dirty utility room continues to beep.
'C' smothers it with pillows.

Bed 3, "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy."

*I am on auditory overload.

2/365 Anna

A Friend's Home, originally uploaded by scoobers1.

Ninety-four. Wars. Genocide. Cancer. Loss. I can not begin to imagine the pain you have experienced. I wish you were not always so grief stricken, so sad. Please know that you are loved by many.

I am a participant in x365.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

1/365 Gramma Mary

You would be 101 today. I miss you much more than you would realize. I think about you often. Me and Mommy talked about you the other day. Did you hear us?

Happy Birthday, Gramma.

I am a participant in x365.

Project *x365

I come across some pretty cool posts and interesting ideas when reading other people's blogs. Today, I was over at Schmutzie's site and found a link to the *x365 project. This guy decided, when he turned 40, that he would make a list of 365 people he has encountered in his lifetime. He wanted to write about each person, in 40 words- no more, no less, each day of the year, and take "a year long journey" through his life.

I think this is such a great idea to recall those people, who may be just a fleeting memory, who have made some impact in our lives. Every person we encounter makes something of an impression on us but certain people do so in a way that causes us to remember them for one reason or another. I have decided to participate in the project and am in the process of compiling my list of people, which is not as easy a task as it would sound, according to the *x365 mastermind. I created a page so that I can keep track of my own project's progress.

If you are interested in finding out how this project was started and how you can participate, please visit the *x365 website.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dear Lurker,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to visit here. It is nice to know that you would view this page either by accident on a Google search, a blog content alert or intentionally via Bloglines or some other subscriber service. If this is your first time here, Welcome! You are welcome back any time and your comments along your way are appreciated! If you are a returning visitor, thanks to those of you who leave your comments to let me know that you have been here.

Today, I was reading a blog that I have been frequenting lately and she talked about the number of visitors to her site and the lack of comments she has been receiving. This post then led me to Schmutzie, who was concerned that her drop in comments may be the result of a personal hygiene issue (which made me giggle). Apparently, people have, for one reason or another, stopped leaving comments after they've visited not just her site but the sites of many. I understand the one time visitor: views, decides it's not what they were looking for or expecting, moves on and never comes back. There is no need to comment. If we all commented on every page we ever visited we would be sitting in front of the screen for hours wasting our lives and wearing our finger tips away. Many of us do that anyway but I digress. If one decides to return to a Blogger's site, I think it courteous to let the person know that you've been there and what you thought during your visit. A simple thought or opinion on the matter is welcomed, not even every time but once in a while.

Before I go on, I must come clean. I have been guilty of lurking, especially when I had just gotten started. To be honest, these people scared the hell out of me, like I had stumbled into a blogger cult of some kind. To leave a comment and let it be known that I was present felt like I was intruding on some secret circle but after a while I realized THE INTERNET IS THE CIRCLE. So, for what ever reason you stay in hiding, dear lurker, come out, come out, where ever you are!
The lurking ends now. For those unaware, software exists to see who visits your site and when, from where and identifies IP addresses. Yes, Blackberry's too. So, even if a comment is not received... you've been spied. In a game of hide and seek, you've been found and tagged. It's your turn to talk.

Be Proud. Be Loud. Today is the day of the Great Mother F***ing DeLurking!

Sincerely and Ever Yours,

~ Scoobers

*Update: Schmutzie has created a blog roll with the participants of TGMfDl of 2007.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Vincent D'Onofrio Tried to Kill Me

Mommy and Daddy were getting married again. I went over to their house to get ready and, like one of those bad-hair days, was having problems with my dress, makeup, hose (why I was wearing pantyhose is beyond my ability to analyze) and was pressured for time. I could hear people in the living room and Christine peeked around the kitchen corner to see. All we could see were the legs of people sitting in folding chairs. In the family room, Daddy was sleeping in his chair and I went to go wake him up to tell him to get ready because we only had 15 minutes. It was hard to wake him up and when he finally did, I realized it wasn't him and the man got up very quickly, grabbed my arm and yelled at me.

The situation had turned so that my whole family was being held hostage in our home by this man who I think was Vincent D'Onofrio (the guy from Men In Black, The Cell & Law and Order: Criminal Intent). He had grabbed mommy and had a gun but suddenly I did too. Hiding behind the couch, I was trying to shoot at his feet from underneath it but missed. Mommy got away and he came after me. I ran out the front door, into the yard and buried myself under a large evergreen bush that used to grow on the east side of the house when I was little. I kept saying, "Please don't see me", over and over. Vincent ran out after me and jumped into my dad's old yellow Toyota Corolla. I crept into the Gile's front yard and into their garage as he drove slowly down the street looking for me. I could hear him yelling what he would do to me when he found me.

When I ran into our neighbor's home, I yelled for help and a man who was not our neighbor appeared and told me that since it was not his house he could not let me in... Not even to use the phone! Over the wall, in the back yard, I could hear a commotion going on.

I woke up to find Dookie had broken through her gate and had gotten out of the kitchen.

I'll be good while you sleep

Love the look like she wants back in...
Note the mess behind the gate.

I incorporated a conversation that V and I had at work regarding Vincent D.
Then, the crashing and crying I heard woke me from a deep sleep and vivid dream.
Gotta love the Dook.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Light Weight Champion

I have barely healed from the many bruises and scrapes I obtained from the camping trip from over a month ago. After Rocky Point, I have glass in my heel that has yet to extract itself. I have bruises on my legs and a slightly swollen ankle which I have no recollection of obtaining. My legs look like I strive to be the next Courtney Love.
Tonight, after a long day of cleaning, running errands and cleaning again... mopping up after Dookie's many dookies (four to be exact), I had two beers. Two beers made me stumble and miss a step that I have been walking down and over for over two years. Let me elaborate. I had my first beer at 8 pm. My second, I started at 10 pm and at 10:30, I did this...

If I am lucky, it will heal by Thanksgiving.

Just Another Manic Monday...

Oh ooh Oh! Glad it's not Sunday! ...
It is Monday morning and I am enjoying a cup of coffee out on the patio. It is overcast and a cool 80 degrees... ahh, September and a day off. Welcome, both of you. Out of my funk and back to myself. I have a lot to do today but since it is Monday and I am spending my morning checking email and catching up on everyone's posts, I've decided to participate in Manic Monday, hosted by Fleur de Lisa.
I'll post again later with my weird-ass dream after I finish my "chores" and get my pictures downloaded. All I can say for an analysis are four words: the power of suggestion.

If technology was sufficiently advanced, would you be willing to clone yourself?
My own mini-me?! : D
I could take me home and raise me as my own! I could sing to me and play with me. Joke with me and laugh with (not at) me. I could take me to see Gramma Mommy and Grampa Daddy (uh... how weird would that be?) We could play with our sisters, niece and nephew (who would be older than my mini-me).
When I grow up I could give me all the answers to the questions I was too afraid to ask. I would explain to me in a way I would understand, why I was not allowed to attend the Def Leppard concert at 14 and a slew of other things that might make me an angry and resentful tennager towards the grown-up me. I would kick my ass if I ever caught myself smoking or drinking underage, among other things, and warn me why driving into a road containing a storm drain during monsoons is a bad idea. I would never let me get away with the things I know I am about to do (because I know myself so well). I would let me do all things I know would make me a happy, confident adult. I could fill me with the wisdom of my experiences so that I may be a new-and-improved-younger-thinner-smoother-less-sun-damaged version of myself.

Besides, I'm a blast! It would be fun to have me around! ; )

At the local grocery store you see an elderly woman shoplift a chicken. Do you tell the management?

Nah! She is not hurting anyone and I do not like to cause trouble so let her steal the chicken. Also, I would feel very badly if, because of me, she ended up with a misdemeanor on her record and was forced to eat her cat's kibble when she returns home from her incarceration.

If you could be 8 years old again for an entire day, knowing what you know now, how would you spend it?
Being September, I would skip school with my friends and my sister to go swimming at the park. We'd climb in our tree fort, carve our initials and then play kick ball. On the way home, we'd raid the nearest Circle K, drink ThirstBusters, eat HUGE chewy Sweet Tarts, Skittles and Bazooka gum. We'd go back to my parents, make mac n' cheese, watch Mtv and practice our dance routines. After my parents got home we'd play in the yard, catch lizards, and go for a swim. Since it is cloudy and is going to rain (because I said), we would all go inside, set up our sleeping bags in the living room, get in our Garfield PJ's and have a movie marathon. Then we'd have a seance and play 'Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board'. We'd stay up late telling jokes, gossiping and laughing until my mom comes out for "...the last time!" We'd be quiet until the coast was clear and sneak out in our jammies to go back to the park. We'd do 'cherry drops', 'shooting stars' and 'around-the-world's' on the bars. We'd slide head first into the sand and swing on the swings until the sun came up and I turned 34 again.

*Update: Momma Clone is upset about 8 year old me's activities. I should know better than to be out after hours without adult supervision. Bad me. Grounded til further notice.

**Updating the update: I've been placed in detention for ditching class and not knowing what month it is.