Friday, June 22, 2007

SPF: Fresh

Stuff Portrait Friday: Assignment for June 21, 2007
Air Freshener
How do you keep your house smelling good? Is it open windows? Is it Febreeze? A fan? Removing all children from your house thus removing teenage FUNK stank?

This week Kristine over at Random and Odd was a cleaning fool. This week I am not. This is how I keep my pad smelling oh so fresh, so fresh, exciting... and so inviting to me. (Have it stuck in your mind now? heh heh... gotta love Kool and Gang).

ambiance, originally uploaded by scoobers1.

Candle from Tres Amigos- scent unknown
Incense from Pier One- scent is Zanzibar clove & Cedar and Balsam

Happy SPF, everyone! Did you play?


Tina said...

Happy SPF, i also love candle that smells good. Wish you a great weekend.

I played, too.

Sandi said...

Although, getting all the kids out of the house (especially little boys - they just smell funny) isn't a bad idea.

Jenni said...

Nice shot Kathy! It definitely looks inviting to me. ;)

Happy SPF!