Thursday, June 21, 2007

Weekly News: Vanilla Soy

For this week's new experience I am making a change.

Several people I know have told me that their triglyceride and cholesterol levels are high. A doctor of one of these people actually detected a plaque in her carotid artery. Just last week I had my levels drawn and am still waiting for the results. I really want both of us to work on bringing our levels to normal (or below), as I have a significant family history of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. I have taken care of people who have had strokes and all I can say is that I
DO NOT want to end up living my life the way some are destined to after that sort of event. My friend has been doing well with the changes she's made and I hope she keeps it up. She is very important to me and words can not describe what I would feel if something happened to her.
In the spirit of getting healthier (and thinner), I decided to make some changes in the way I exercise and eat. A small change, but hopefully a beneficial one, I have taken the advice of a fellow healthy person. He suggested replacing milk (the HORROR!) with Soy milk. Today, I did.
It's yellow. It's sweet. It tastes nothing like milk.
I love milk.
I'm going to miss it... after this gallon is gone : ).

*6/21/07 2148 Addendum: Great. I just now checked voice mail from the last two days. Dr's office called to report my labs are back. They want me to call them and schedule a follow up appointment regarding my lipids. I should have known... but I thought I was doing so well!


Sandi said...

Say it with me - red wine and dark chocolate. Even if it doesn't help, it makes you very happy.

Jenni said...

I like soy milk in my tea - it's like cream and sweetener, all in one. But soy milk on it's own... not so much. And in cereal, it is just plain wrong!

Best of luck with the DR. appointment. Afterwards, have a nice glass of red wine and some dark chocolate!

Jenni said...

So, now that I've reread your post and know who "plaque girl" is, OMG! I'm glad she's doing better and that you both are working towards a healthier lifestyle.