Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bloody Hell!

As you may know, I work the night shift. I have two front doors, both which have door bells. I tend to park close to the main one in the drive so that the back laundry door is the most accessible to those who come-a-knockin'. This is the doorbell that I can not hear while I am trying to sleep during the day. This week I worked six twelves in a row so that I may have this weekend off to go to Mexico (so excited I can hardly stand it). Three is normal, four is an occasional extra shift (and bearable) but six drives me into the ground. I have averaged 3 1/2 hours of sleep per day the last five days. Needless to say, I am beyond exhausted. I was really looking forward to a long, uninterrupted sleep today. Nyquil on-board, I don't even remember hitting the pillow.
Fifteen minutes ago, the bell I try to cover up was rung, and rung, and then rung again. I managed to slink out of my bed, stumble down the hall and peep through the hole to find the solicitor, a mere stick figure, making his way back down my driveway. He did leave a calling card... see above photo.

I am more than frustrated and now unable to sleep again, hence this irritable post while visions of homicide dance in my wee little head.

God Bless and Holy Mother of Pearl (that was for you 'K').

... right back atcha, JW.


Jenni said...

Oh, that would bug me too! Jehovah's Witnesses used to stop by all the time when I worked at the Children's Hospital. I guess it is against their religion to use blood products when treating illnesses, so they used to try and convince the parents of the error of their ways (when treating their critically ill newborns). It used to irritate me so much that they would bother these parents who already had enough to worry about. I have nothing against their religious beliefs, but some of their recruitment practices seemed a bit insensitive.

Sandi said...

I had a couple stop by one hot Tucson day when I was trying to lay a little brick patio in the back of our apartment. They were trying to get my attention and I finally looked up, told them I didn't believe in hell but, if I did, I was sure intrusive solicitors would be there! They left. And I finished my patio.

Anonymous said...

I can understand how you must feel. You should have called the stick figure back and told him/her if they were really doing God's work then they should stand guard at your door to prevent anyone else from interupting the sleep you desperately needed (I know how badly you needed to sleep).
Maybe you should hang a sign on your door stating that you are Jewish, this prevents not only the Jehova's from ringing, but it also takes care of Mormon Missionaries, trust works.!!!!! :)

Sweet Dreams Kathy-rine.