Monday, October 15, 2007

10/365 Mr Greenberg

You taught us every country, capital and leader; to play the recorder; current events and how to dance to Huey Lewis and the News. You smelled of coffee and onions but you were my favorite.

I am a participant in x365.


Lori said...

I have to ask... Teacher? I thought for sure at first, but the dancing and the coffee and onion breath makes me ask the question.

Scoobers said...

Oh, heavens, yes, a teacher!

Sixth grade.

He ate an onion like an apple every day for lunch and always had a thermos of coffee with him.
I loved him because he was so cool and such a great teacher.

Jenni said...

Really? Mr. Greenberg was your favorite. Huh. I always thought you guys didn't like him because he smelled of onions and coffee and would spit on your desks when he talked!

I do remember those recorders. :)