Monday, October 1, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday...

Oh ooh Oh! Glad it's not Sunday! ...
It is Monday morning and I am enjoying a cup of coffee out on the patio. It is overcast and a cool 80 degrees... ahh, September and a day off. Welcome, both of you. Out of my funk and back to myself. I have a lot to do today but since it is Monday and I am spending my morning checking email and catching up on everyone's posts, I've decided to participate in Manic Monday, hosted by Fleur de Lisa.
I'll post again later with my weird-ass dream after I finish my "chores" and get my pictures downloaded. All I can say for an analysis are four words: the power of suggestion.

If technology was sufficiently advanced, would you be willing to clone yourself?
My own mini-me?! : D
I could take me home and raise me as my own! I could sing to me and play with me. Joke with me and laugh with (not at) me. I could take me to see Gramma Mommy and Grampa Daddy (uh... how weird would that be?) We could play with our sisters, niece and nephew (who would be older than my mini-me).
When I grow up I could give me all the answers to the questions I was too afraid to ask. I would explain to me in a way I would understand, why I was not allowed to attend the Def Leppard concert at 14 and a slew of other things that might make me an angry and resentful tennager towards the grown-up me. I would kick my ass if I ever caught myself smoking or drinking underage, among other things, and warn me why driving into a road containing a storm drain during monsoons is a bad idea. I would never let me get away with the things I know I am about to do (because I know myself so well). I would let me do all things I know would make me a happy, confident adult. I could fill me with the wisdom of my experiences so that I may be a new-and-improved-younger-thinner-smoother-less-sun-damaged version of myself.

Besides, I'm a blast! It would be fun to have me around! ; )

At the local grocery store you see an elderly woman shoplift a chicken. Do you tell the management?

Nah! She is not hurting anyone and I do not like to cause trouble so let her steal the chicken. Also, I would feel very badly if, because of me, she ended up with a misdemeanor on her record and was forced to eat her cat's kibble when she returns home from her incarceration.

If you could be 8 years old again for an entire day, knowing what you know now, how would you spend it?
Being September, I would skip school with my friends and my sister to go swimming at the park. We'd climb in our tree fort, carve our initials and then play kick ball. On the way home, we'd raid the nearest Circle K, drink ThirstBusters, eat HUGE chewy Sweet Tarts, Skittles and Bazooka gum. We'd go back to my parents, make mac n' cheese, watch Mtv and practice our dance routines. After my parents got home we'd play in the yard, catch lizards, and go for a swim. Since it is cloudy and is going to rain (because I said), we would all go inside, set up our sleeping bags in the living room, get in our Garfield PJ's and have a movie marathon. Then we'd have a seance and play 'Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board'. We'd stay up late telling jokes, gossiping and laughing until my mom comes out for "...the last time!" We'd be quiet until the coast was clear and sneak out in our jammies to go back to the park. We'd do 'cherry drops', 'shooting stars' and 'around-the-world's' on the bars. We'd slide head first into the sand and swing on the swings until the sun came up and I turned 34 again.

*Update: Momma Clone is upset about 8 year old me's activities. I should know better than to be out after hours without adult supervision. Bad me. Grounded til further notice.

**Updating the update: I've been placed in detention for ditching class and not knowing what month it is.


Fleur de Lisa said...

Oh, this is making me laugh! I love the mini-me and mama clone going back and forth. I used to eat gobs of candy when I was a kid, but I don't really like the stuff anymore...except chocolate! ;)

Glad you joined in Manic Monday this week.:)

Mandy Lou said...

Love the idea of mini-me! But I think I'd get mine full grown and make it do all the chores and crappy stuff!!!

Christine said...

You forgot Nerds and Zooks :) I may have to stop by Circle K on the way home :) Cherry Slurpie.... maybe some Sugar Babies.
Nobody knows what the moes knows.

*~JESSIE~* said...

That's some funny stuff. Thanks for making me laugh on Monday!

Lori said...

Too funny! Love the mini-me. I wish I'd had an older-me to explain things to me when I was younger in a way that made sense, as opposed to "because I'm the mother and I said so". Like why I couldn't get a night shift job at the 7-11 when I was 16. I really wanted it too, because it was half the distance to the Taco Bell I had to walk to everyday for work. I was living in AZ at the time and it was a very hot summer so a 1 mile walk was much more appealing than 2.

Anthony said...

That "8 year old" question spooked me out.

My dad died when I was 9. So, needless to say, if I could go back to when I was 8, I'd spend every waking moment of my day talking to him and asking him about life and stuff.
I wonder if that was ever a plot line for a Twilight Zone episode? That would be a good one.

Boy, would I like to be 8.