Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Gramma Mary Moment

When I was six, Christine had a friend named Emily and Emily had everything. Going to her house to spend the night was like going to Disney Land (or China, where they make all of the things we envied). Hello Kitty, Little Twin Star, Atari, you name it. She even had a fluffy-headed stuffed animal named Frou Frou. When you shook her head (in the most loving and affectionate way, of course) her soft, pretty pink hair would stand up all over. Every little girl's Must Have. After much begging, pleading and the donation of our left kidneys, our parents decided that we too deserved our own Frou Frous. So, they talked to Santa and he was was given consent to leave, under the tree, a pink headed white headed Frou Frou for Christine and a blue-headed Frou Frou for me.
It was not long after we got our fluffy headed Froufs that we discovered putting baby powder in their hair was too much fun! A little shake of powder went a long way. A half a bottle would make it into the next room, at least.
We stayed at Gramma Mary's one weekend and were having our usual fantabulous Frou Frou fun when Gramma came in and took the powder away, telling us, "You're going to give yourselves asthma!"

*** UPDATE***

For those of you who were wondering, this is a Frou Frou Doll.
(Gotta love Google)

Frou Frou, Made by Dakin.


kimmyk said...


I remember putting flour in my mom's bingo troll dolls. You know what those are don'tcha? haha, memories.

You don't have asthma do you?

That's like going outside with your hair wet. LOL.

Christine said...

Frou Frou!!!! Mine was white and then I got a baby Frou Frou, she was purple. Was that their given name or did Emily name hers Frou Frou and it stuck to all of them? I think I still have mine in storage.
More memories please! :)

Christine said...

Oh, what's a bingo troll doll?

Mandy Lou said...

I loved Frou-Frou, we had a special Santa one that only came out at Christmas - till the dog got her...

Lori said...

I'm trying to imagine what a frou frou looks like from your description and all I can think of is a troll! Any resemblance or am I way off?

Asthma from baby powder? too funny. Did she also tell you you'd get skin cancer if you wrote on you skin? Or if you swallow gum it stays in your stomach for 7 years? Those are the health advisories I received growing up.

Anonymous said...

Aha! That's where all the baby powder went! xoxo mommy

Anonymous said...

I had about 8 or so Frou Frou's when I was a child...all sizes and colors...I even had a huge one and a miniature one that you would wind up and it would walk on the table!!! When I moved over the years, someone must have tossed them out...thanks for the pictures and memories!!!!