Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Vincent D'Onofrio Tried to Kill Me

Mommy and Daddy were getting married again. I went over to their house to get ready and, like one of those bad-hair days, was having problems with my dress, makeup, hose (why I was wearing pantyhose is beyond my ability to analyze) and was pressured for time. I could hear people in the living room and Christine peeked around the kitchen corner to see. All we could see were the legs of people sitting in folding chairs. In the family room, Daddy was sleeping in his chair and I went to go wake him up to tell him to get ready because we only had 15 minutes. It was hard to wake him up and when he finally did, I realized it wasn't him and the man got up very quickly, grabbed my arm and yelled at me.

The situation had turned so that my whole family was being held hostage in our home by this man who I think was Vincent D'Onofrio (the guy from Men In Black, The Cell & Law and Order: Criminal Intent). He had grabbed mommy and had a gun but suddenly I did too. Hiding behind the couch, I was trying to shoot at his feet from underneath it but missed. Mommy got away and he came after me. I ran out the front door, into the yard and buried myself under a large evergreen bush that used to grow on the east side of the house when I was little. I kept saying, "Please don't see me", over and over. Vincent ran out after me and jumped into my dad's old yellow Toyota Corolla. I crept into the Gile's front yard and into their garage as he drove slowly down the street looking for me. I could hear him yelling what he would do to me when he found me.

When I ran into our neighbor's home, I yelled for help and a man who was not our neighbor appeared and told me that since it was not his house he could not let me in... Not even to use the phone! Over the wall, in the back yard, I could hear a commotion going on.

I woke up to find Dookie had broken through her gate and had gotten out of the kitchen.

I'll be good while you sleep

Love the look like she wants back in...
Note the mess behind the gate.

I incorporated a conversation that V and I had at work regarding Vincent D.
Then, the crashing and crying I heard woke me from a deep sleep and vivid dream.
Gotta love the Dook.


Lori said...

You have some wild dreams! And a great memory, usually if I have a dream worthy of telling others I can't remember all the details.
Your pup is so cute, don't you just love the puppy stage. Maybe you should let him sleep in bed with you and then he wont be so naughty, Im sure that's what he was doing, just trying to get to his mommy!

Scoobers said...

Great memory... no.
I type it up as soon as I wake up. Sometimes with my eyes shut. I fine tune later.
Maybe one day I'll post without fixing the typos.

: )

LOVE the puppy! not the stage.
i tried having her sleep with me... but i get no sleep.

Anthony said...

I rarely remember dreams. I should keep one of those diaries, because sometimes, they're pretty cool dreams.
None about Vincent, though. Usually, with me, some celebrity pops up at random, just like yours.

Which Kimmyk led you to me? There are two, one at I Have No Name and the other at Krazy Thoughts. Just curious.

Welcome aboard!

kimmyk said...

what the hell did you eat??? LOL!

I myself love vincent d'onofrio. love that man. sexy as hell. even if he's chubby now. still love 'em.

dookie is too damn cute!

val said...

I ADORE Vincent D'Onofrio, but I NEVER have a dream about him. Boohoo.

His Girl Friday said...

...perhaps, lay off the mushroom pizza?! Honestly, it gave me a laugh, thanks. I can empathise with the nightshift worker, thing...I've put in my time, and can remember the difficulty with the sleep, and lack of dreaming. Then one night, the body makes up for the lack, and you get some pretty wild dreams!

val said...

It's 'cos we have a Vicnent D'Onofrio Google Alert, and you were on it. Congratulations!

val said...

Or even Vincent...Dyslexic fingers!

Sandi said...

OK, I'v just getting around to reading some blogs and first you fall down the stairs then you dream about V.D'O being a killer in your home?? Next time try dark chocolate and red wine.

Jenni said...

That is one CRAZY dream!

Vincent D'Onofrio kind of creeps me out. Why's he always doing that lean -to-the-side thing on law and Order CI anyway?