Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dear Lurker,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to visit here. It is nice to know that you would view this page either by accident on a Google search, a blog content alert or intentionally via Bloglines or some other subscriber service. If this is your first time here, Welcome! You are welcome back any time and your comments along your way are appreciated! If you are a returning visitor, thanks to those of you who leave your comments to let me know that you have been here.

Today, I was reading a blog that I have been frequenting lately and she talked about the number of visitors to her site and the lack of comments she has been receiving. This post then led me to Schmutzie, who was concerned that her drop in comments may be the result of a personal hygiene issue (which made me giggle). Apparently, people have, for one reason or another, stopped leaving comments after they've visited not just her site but the sites of many. I understand the one time visitor: views, decides it's not what they were looking for or expecting, moves on and never comes back. There is no need to comment. If we all commented on every page we ever visited we would be sitting in front of the screen for hours wasting our lives and wearing our finger tips away. Many of us do that anyway but I digress. If one decides to return to a Blogger's site, I think it courteous to let the person know that you've been there and what you thought during your visit. A simple thought or opinion on the matter is welcomed, not even every time but once in a while.

Before I go on, I must come clean. I have been guilty of lurking, especially when I had just gotten started. To be honest, these people scared the hell out of me, like I had stumbled into a blogger cult of some kind. To leave a comment and let it be known that I was present felt like I was intruding on some secret circle but after a while I realized THE INTERNET IS THE CIRCLE. So, for what ever reason you stay in hiding, dear lurker, come out, come out, where ever you are!
The lurking ends now. For those unaware, software exists to see who visits your site and when, from where and identifies IP addresses. Yes, Blackberry's too. So, even if a comment is not received... you've been spied. In a game of hide and seek, you've been found and tagged. It's your turn to talk.

Be Proud. Be Loud. Today is the day of the Great Mother F***ing DeLurking!

Sincerely and Ever Yours,

~ Scoobers

*Update: Schmutzie has created a blog roll with the participants of TGMfDl of 2007.


His Girl Friday said...

funny! I confess, guilty as charged...but it sometimes is interesting to read people's posts...but then not really have anything intelligent sounding to comment back that rationalizing things enough?! :)

Rebekah said...

I generaly always try to leave a comment but have been guilty of stopping by various blogs and not commenting.
In answer to his girl friday, I guess at those times we dont feel we have anything intelligen to say we could just say, 'I was Here'

The Kept Woman said...


I'm delurking...I was admiring your what appear to be natural pine chairs in the post below but I started dreaming about Vincent and then one of my kids started screaming before I could comment.

Seriously...I have a bagful of excuses don't I?


Scoobers said...

HGF, Rebekah & TKW- I totally get that. Sometimes I have no intelligent comment to make (my lack of wit prevents this occasionally) and just saying 'hi' would seem weird. Unless I've been
visiting for a while I don't leave a comment but if I keep returning I make it a point to say something.

I guess I don't consider it truly 'lurking' if I comment every now and then... then at least the person knows you're there.

What do you call it if someone comments, asks you a question and you never comment/respond back???
This, I am guilty of!

(gasp!)I'm a non-responder!

Mandy Lou said...

Oh man - I had a great comment on comments and then my laptop ate it! (how's that for an excuse?!)

Lori said...

I too am guilty of lurking around on others peoples blogs, that is of course how I found your great blog, which I love by the way. I am trying to get better at leaving comments on other blogs I read, but sometimes I don't really have anything great to say. Lame I know!
I am working on a post to out my own lurkers but am having difficulty writing something of my own without copying you. So if you read mine later and it sounds a lot like yours take it as a compliment, you summed it up nicely. I also really liked your why I blog post.

kimmyk said...

Alright. I'm delurking.

Anthony said...

I've been through all of those thoughts, too. Especially the lack of comments. And, it isn't like I'm doing the "my feet hurt" kind of stuff. I try to stir the pot, and it seems that the more stirring I do, the fewer comments I get.

I'd get more comments if I just said, "My feet hurt" and got it over with.

I don't think they'll ever De-lurk. It's not in them. I know my Korean visitors looking for "Big Ass" aren't about to stay, but I have lots of readers who return. I figure I should get between 12 and 20 comments a day, and I sometimes don't get any.

Ingrid said...

Now I feel like I too must come clean. I occasionally (not more than four times a day) visit your site (yours alone) because you make me chuckle and when I don't see you at work I have no laughter in my life...
Sorry about your poor toe. Are you camping next week? You better get started on some vitamins! K, anyone?

Fleur de Lisa said...

I'm no lurker! I may read a site a few times before commenting, just to get the feel of it. But I'd never go to a site over and over again without saying something once in a while.