Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Land of Opposite and Backwards

This dream was dreamed in the Land of Opposite and Backwards. Everything that happened in it is contrary to anything that I know to be true of myself and the people in it.
My parents were supposed to be going out of town. MK, ChM, JPed were going to spend the night at my parents house, like a sleepover for grownups. All of us and Christine were playing some sort of "Never have I ever..." or "I would rather..." game in the living room. There were more people there who were sitting around on floor and couches. MK said that JPed couldn't dictate where we should be and what we should do and wanted to move somewhere else so I went down the hall to find a new place. I opened my parent's bedroom door to find that Daddy was in there sleeping in the evening darkness and on the left side of the bed. Puzzled and a little worried, I went out to tell the others that my dad was still there. ChM got up off the floor and started gathering her things. She decided she didn't want to stay if my mom and dad were going to be home. She said it was bullshit and that she was under the impression that my parents wouldn't be there. Then she asked me if I would go with her to make a phone call to let someone know she wouldn't be staying. I did but I couldn't imagine who she would be calling. It turned out to be a guy she was seeing and she was going to go out with him instead. I couldn't help feeling that somehow we all disapproved of him.
MK decided we should all go out. We got ready, picked out what we were going to wear and left. We ended up at a bar with different levels. The top level was a club. It was dark, cold and loud. Tons of people were drinking and dancing. It opened up to an outside area where there was a balcony that looked over the bottom level that was more like a restaurant. It was warm outside and people were sitting around on the benches and tables, drinking and talking. I was looking over the balcony watching the people downstairs. Directly below was this guy who was sitting with his back to me. I was looking down on sweaty, hairy ass crack decked out in black pleather. Later, Christine came upstairs to tell me she had started making out with him before she realized he was a disgusting wet, hairy beast with bad breath.
The club was part of a much bigger building and somehow we all ended up getting lost inside of it. We were riding elevators to different floors. One had a library with tall ceilings that made it echo. Another was like a little boutique. We rode the elevator down and were making our way through a maze of huge columns of cement and stone. We happened upon a couple of people who appeared to have come from the club, by the way they were dressed and smelled like cigarette smoke. They told us they could help us get out. They said they were medical students and then gave us valium and duragesic patches to chew on, saying it would help us to relax. It was very Alice In Wonderlandish. We chewed on the plastic and went on our way.

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