Thursday, November 15, 2007

Color Me... bored

Here I lay on my heating pad, surfing the net and drinking hot tea. And, oh yeah, did I mention it's raining? Right. So, the other night my friend, SB, found another cool site to occupy our time during down time at work. If you go to there is a Digi-Color page where you can draw, paint and color with your choice of Crayola tools. You Your kids could spend hours there!

A few of us at work held a drawing contest in which the first topic was Milk and Cookies. We had fifteen minutes to create our master pieces. This was my entry:

A Delicious Snack (of your choosing) by Kathy-rine

I know, it's a piece of work alright and the best part is the crayon floating above the cookies. One of the judges, another nurse, said it looked more like a plate of biscuits and a salt shaker. An astute observation and I really could have gone for biscuits with honey and hot tea at this hour of the morning. Anyway, SB won with her portrait of Santa's cookies on Christmas morning. It was quite cute and creative. Unfortunately, I don't have photographic evidence of that one. Then, I was working diligently to complete my entry for the topic of Tropical when, at five a.m., my patient spiked a tem of 104 . Not a good sign when your immune system is shot all to hell. Subsequently, several sets of blood and fungal cultures and a chest x-ray took precedence over my "Bird of Paradise" (to be completed at a later time).
I did not work lastnight but SB did. When I woke up, I had a text message on my phone from about 3:30 a.m. Apparently, things have again calmed down on the BMT unit. This is SB's latest creation:

Tropical Fish by SB

Laying in bed, on my heating pad, loaded up on tea and ibuprophen, with nothing to do (and not to be outdone) I decided to try a Crayola rendition of Van Gogh's "Starry Night". Yes, I need to get a life.

Crayola Starry Night by Kathy-rine


SB just texted her Milk and Cookies entry!
And the WINNER IS:

Santa's Cookies by SB


Lori said...

They shouldn't hold the drawing against you, you just colored it! I did find the floating crayola a bit odd, manybe it's like where's waldo and every picture has a hidden crayon, yours was just really obvious.
Maybe if Im bored tonight at work I will try coloring - depending on who I'm working with I can use my secret password to get online.

Scoobers said...

For the record. I drew that bad boy.

Those are all originals, baby. We've got some TALENT on the 12th floor.


Fleur de Lisa said...

Oooh, I love to color. Your Starry Night is fantastic.

Hope you are feeling better.

The Kept Woman said...

Alright...I was going to say that I loved the Milk and Cookies one...then I loved the fish one...then the Starry, Starry Night One.

That board thing is just kick ass...looks like fun!!!

Sandi said...

Why, is that Pish the fish?

may-b said...

Wow. I love that site. I will never get any work done again.

Schmutzie said...

Your milk and cookies so should have one. And your Starry Night? That needs an award all its own.

Just Laura said...

She is quite the artist and she's very modest. You've seen her coloring creations. Aside from the "Scoobers" header, you should see some of her incredible art work.

Ingrid said...

Starry night... Looks familiar... Beautifully done. You and SB are so very talented. I'm jealous. I wish I had even a touch of what you have :(

Scoobers said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments.