Friday, November 16, 2007

42/365 Carrie

You had a funny laugh, sucked your thumb until you were nine, green hair in the summer and a large collection of stuffed animals that we made mazes with for your gerbils, Blacky and Sweetstuff.

I am a participant in x365.


Lori said...

I too was a closet thumb sucker till 5th grade. It's a really hard habbit to break.

tommie said...

dang......I have t thumbsucker, i was totally hoping we could break this habit soon!!!

Ingrid said...

Hi Kathy!! Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun with your family : )
Thank you for posting SB's beautiful fish picture - she is amazing. Did you ever see the portrait she did of TH? It was extraordinary!

Jenni said...

My favorite Carrie memory: when we crank called her repeatedly, silently laughing as we listened to her lecture the "pervert" on the phone.

We were really awful children.