Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Paper or Plastic

On your way home, you make a quick stop at the store for a couple of items: milk, a bottle of Figi water or gum. The cashier will ask, "Would you like a bag for that?" Sometimes, just sometimes, they don't ask. Sometimes, you have to walk past the hot guy you talked to in the produce section with your car keys and a box of tampons in your hand.


Sandi said...

That's like totally sad.

Just Laura said...

Sounds like you had a great morning!

Lori said...

I hate walking in and buying just tampons, it's so obvious that you need them now, or why would you be stopping just for that. I was also embarrassed when I had to go to walgreens to buy just a pregnancy test. It just seems like the cashier (or in your case, the hot guy in the produce section) doesn't need to know such personal things about me.