Thursday, November 29, 2007


Punky Moods should have an I Feel like-someone-just-punched-my-gut-
and-a-delightful-dream Mood.
Ever have one of those moments? I've been off work for a week and my alarm just went off for the first time.

Time to rejoin the real world.


Mandy Lou said...

Yeah, I know that feeling - try working for two days a week for two weeks, then go back to work. Seriously sucky! Hope work isn't too horrible.

kimmyk said...

lucky ass.

yeah i know that feeling. i hate it. but i wish i had a week off to do nothing.

i need a break.

Just Laura said...

Sorry. Call me when you can. Anxiety, moodiness hit tonight and am sedated. Going to bed soom.

Had fun over Thanksgiving. Love you.

Jenni said...

Ugh! That's the worst feeling in the world. So sorry.

Sandi said...

I have that feeling every morning when the alarm goes off. But in 63 days I retire and NO MORE ALARMS!

Scoobers said...

I know... I complain about having a WEEK off and having to go back. Thankful for the week, for sure!

Laura- I will call you when I am off of work on Monday.

Sandi- Just keep rubbing it in. ;)