Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pearly Whites

Walking to the cafeteria I suddenly remembered that I had a dream that I started wearing my retainer again. After years of avoiding the dreaded wisdom teeth extraction, I jammed it over my shifted teeth and wore it religiously hoping that they would move back to the way they were after my braces came off at sixteen. My mouth ached. My head ached. When I went to pull it out, my teeth were perfectly aligned but I had to scrape a thick, white, filmy coating from the roof of my mouth and from between my teeth. It had the appearance of lard and I can only liken it to the grease that coats the roof of your mouth and arteries after eating cold popcorn and then drinking an ice cold beverage.


kimmyk said...

ew @ that visual in my head.

i hate cold buttered popcorn. blech.

at least you didn't dream your teeth were falling out-that means something about sex. i dunno. i forget. but be glad nonetheless.

Mandy Lou said...

The lard thing is totally gross - that's gonna take a bit to get it out of my head!

I however, did try wearing my retainer after my wisdom teeth were extracted. Did it for a month in the hopes that all would be right again. All I got was just a month of headaches!