Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why I Blog

Obviously, my friend Jenni is the reason I started to blog in the first place. I was a little anxious about it when I started because, well, my life is boring. I work. I eat. I sleep. Occasionally, I do some fun stuff. I do not have a husband, kids or pets whose antics I can write about. So why the hell should I call attention to the fact that I have nothing to say. In fact, I wrote a disclaimer when I first began as a warning as to how much nothing I can fit onto a webpage. To be honest, every time I publish a new post I think the same thing... "Who cares!" Then, yesterday, I came upon this little snippet, from Schnozzfest, on the funny truth about the "Why blog?" question, the "midblog crisis" and why she chooses to blog.

Schnozz writes, "Some members of society continue to struggle to understand the blogging phenomenon. They see it as attention-seeking, exhibitionist, egomaniacal, selfish. They will haughtily talk about how THEY don’t NEED to write about themselves every day, sharing PERSONAL DETAILS about themselves with TOTAL STRANGERS, because they’re out LIVING THEIR LIVES, not chronicling it on some Web site.... I’m at a loss to figure out why blogging is considered different from the legions of objectively pointless activities humans around the world engage in every day. Some people like to put a basketball through a hoop in their driveways, over and over. Others prefer to bake. Some people like to garden. Rarely are they asked for an explanation, though I’ve been tempted: 'So, what are these tulips you’re growing? What’s that all about? Starving children can’t even eat those. Why do you plant everything out there in front of the house? Just so other people can LOOK AT THEM? You’re sick.'"

There are a few choice answers I could come up with as to why I blog. It is a means to stay occupied in the midst of a quiet shift or a sleepless night, yes. It also acts as a personal journal and somewhat as an outlet for emotion and creativity in the form of words and image. Finally, while I could send out hoards of emails, filling up unsuspecting recipients' inboxes with annoying videos, silly anecdotes or preachy soap-boxy issues, I can keep my friends and family abreast of the latest events (and non-events) in my life in non-intrusive way. If they don't feel like visiting or reading they are not obligated. I am glad those of you who do read keep coming back and leaving your comments. They are much appreciated and I do enjoy your pages as well. It's fun right?!

In the end though, my reason for blogging is the same as Schnozz... simply because I like it.
Thanks again, Jenni, for getting me started and thanks Schnozz for opening that can of soup!


kimmyk said...

yeah for blogging!

funny though it seems to have taken on a life of its own.

Rebekah said...

good post.

Wendy said...

Ver nice. Explains it well!

Moi said...

same here! i like your new look!

Mandy Lou said...

Perfect! I wasn't sure why I love it so - the answer is because I do!!!

Lori said...

Blogging is kind of addicting too isn't it? Ever since I started my blog I frequently find myself either thinking; Hmm, this would make a good post. Or, What can I blog about today? The good thing is that usually the only people who read blogs are people who actually like it, so the ones reading your blog don't think it's dumb, they do it too. It beats email Fw's anyday.
Now you've got me curious, I'm going to go check out your friend Jenni's blog.

Lori said...

Ha, just realized it was Jenni's blog that led me to your blog in the first place. My sister just adopted a girl from Russia and I was reading her blogroll one bored night at work and kept skipping around off other peoples blogrolls.

Sandi said...

And, of course, Jenni is responsible for my blog, too! I started out very hesitant, but now really enjoy it. Heck, I need to do a Why I Blog post!

Jenni said...

Great post Kathy. Glad I could nudge you in the direction of bloggerville. And I love that people can keep in touch this way.

i said...

even though it has taken on a life of it's own... sometimes it seems like a small blogger world.
the connections are suprising and mind boggling!

not sure why i feel i had to explain myself but people wonder and judge and roll their eyes (you know who you are!)... so there they have it.

jenni- it is a great way to keep in touch! and meet new people... glad you guys are 'here' : )

i second that kimmyk... yeah for blogging!