Friday, September 21, 2007

More Things

Adios, Arizona! Hola, Mexico!

Fall is finally here! I'm a bit sad summer is over but cool weather is welcome and way over-due. September marks the last trip to Rocky Point. It's the perfect month to go if you are planning to venture there. The water is warm and the air is nice and cool.
Before I visit our neighbors to the south, I leave you with a survey. I was tagged by Lori and you know how I LOOOOOOOOOVE surveys, especially at 4 a.m. Good 'ol insomnia!

10 years ago I was: Still living in Tucson, working at PCC and attending the University of Arizona's College of Nursing. Go CATS!

5 years ago I was: Living in San Antonio. I decided to take up travel nursing so I could see new places, to which SA was the extent of my adventure. I loved my job there but Texas was NOT for me. Humidity, flooding, and whacked out sprawl of roads and freeways. I do not need help getting lost in America. I can do that just fine on my own, thanks. Plus, I was missing my family so much it hurt. So I rented a UHaul and headed back to AZ. Thanks L,B&J for sharing in the nightmare of hauling my crap cross-country in a broken, POS, liability of a trailer. Ah! Good times!

1 year ago I was: Doing exactly what I am doing now. Well, not laying in bed, writing in a blog at 4 am but you know what I mean. Same job, same digs... same 'ol.

Yesterday I was: Doing yard work at 6 am. Then I went to the pool, read my book and took a nap. I did some shopping, took Dookie to her first vet appointment (what a good girl!!!), visted my sister and her boyfriend so our puppies could bond, dropped Dook off with L before I leave for Me-hee-ko and then I came home, did some laundry and packed.
WHEW! I am exhausted!

5 snacks that I enjoy: 1. Cottage cheese & a nectarine 2. Popcorn & an icy Coke 3. Peanutbutter (yes, all by itself on a spoon) 4. Pita chips & red pepper hummus 5. Cereal

5 songs I know all the words to: 1. PSSOM by Def Leppard (Sugar ME! duh nuh... nuh nuh nuh!) 2. The entire Grease Soundtrack (who doesn't?) 3. Don't Fight the Feelin' by Too Short (not something I'm proud of but there it is) 4. Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood (oh yah, driving in my car) 5. Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano (the only foreign language song I can sing)

5 things I would do with a million dollars: 1. Invest 2. Pay off my debt 3. Buy a home 4. Help my family with their debt 5. Travel

5 favorite TV shows: 1. The Office (can't wait!!!!) 2. Big Love 3. Real Time 4. Friends/Seinfeld reruns 5. Little House reruns at 4 am (tonight Laura and Elmonzo broke off their engagement but Eliza Jane got them back together)

5 things I am thankful for:1. My family 2. My friends 3. Health 4. My career 5. Freedom

2 names I go by: 1. Katherine (to family) 2. Kathy (to friends)

2 parts of your heritage: 1. Polish (mommy) 2. German (daddy)

2 things that scare me: 1. Global Warming 2. The swarm of wasps in my front door way

2 of my every day essentials: 1. gum 2. chapstick/lip gloss

2 things I am wearing right now: 1. FDNY T-shirt 2. boxers

2 things I want in a relationship (other than real love): 1. Mutual trust & respect 2. A tickle-happy, laugh til it hurts good time

2 truths: about me? 1. I have insomnia 2. I have a low tolerance for stress-causing BS

2 physical things that appeal to me in the opposite sex: 1. eyes 2. height

2 of my favorite hobbies: 1. painting/drawing 2. blogging (especially quizes about me, me, ME! ; ) just kidding)

2 things I want really badly: 1. To have my debt paid off 2. My own home

2 places I want to go on vacation: 1. Italy 2. Australia

2 ways I am stereotypically a chick: My sense of direction (Lori, I'm right there with ya... where ever that may be. Where am I?) 2. I am a churning, bubbling, cauldron of emotion.

2 things I normally wouldn't admit: 1. Sometimes... I pee in the shower! 2. Let me think on this one...

2 things I am thinking about right now: 1. Need Sleepie!! 2. Mexico, Mexico, Mexico... beach, beer, sun! FUN! FUN! FUN!

2 stores you shop at: 1. Nordstrom's 2. J.Crew

2 people I haven't talked to in a while: 1. JH 2. VF

2 people I would like to see taking this quiz: 1. Jenni (I know you're busy so it's ok if you don't) 2. Veronica (I expect to see your blog up and running by the time I get back... a little incentive, yes.)

Buenos dias y hasta luego!


Lori said...

Ah your fast, it took me 2 days before I could get around to taking the quiz. Sounds like your a pro at it though. Good answers.
I'm so jealous your going to Mexico! Although all the things you do in Mexico don't really agree with my present condition. So have a drink for me.
PS I still don't have an internet password, but my doctor sis just remembered that she has privileges at one of the sister hospitals to where I work and they share the same computer system. She gave me her PW to use, but I'm scared of getting caught so I only use it when no one's around and just briefly now and then. It's a temp fix for now till I convince someone I need my own.

Sandi said...

I didn't know you were a chapstick junkie, too. No wonder you and Jenni are friends! Do you also always have a wadded kleenex in your hand???

Wendy said...

Have fun! I'm heading to Mexico on Friday! Can't wait!

kimmyk said...

I can not even believe you just said you pee in the shower.

I was all she's pretty normal...what? pee in the shower? back up. back the eff up. girlfriend just admitted she pee's in the shower. lord have mercy!!!

i love me some pita chips too. favorite snack!

Scoobers said...

Lori- I had a drink for you. Mexico is calling you but said it would wait!
Sandi- Some form of lip lube is always present. No kleenex though. Funny, my mom always had one in the strap of her bra, just in case!
KimmyK- Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! I have a really funny story about that too... but could never say it here. Me and my sis got a good laugh though.