Monday, September 3, 2007


hmm... what's wrong with this picture?

*I should have taken a better picture with my REAL camera and not my phone.
You can't read the sign.... Note the Big Ass Arrows --> --> --> DO NOT PLACE EQUIPMENT IN FRONT OF FIRE EXTINGUISHER


Sandi said...

Well, if this is your bedroom, it looks like a friggin' hospital. If it's a hospital, the walker appears to have lost it's rider.

scoobers1 said...

haha! not my bedroom!
and as for the commode... i'm glad it's rider has taken leave!
i updated the post since with my camera phone you can't read the big ass sign.

kimmyk said...

Oh dear. I would say the portapotty really needs to go behind the curtain.

I was half expecting to see one of those find 8 things wrong with this picture sort of post.