Wednesday, September 26, 2007

¿Porque una Lima?

Una Cerveza con Lima..., originally uploaded by scoobers1.

I was sitting on the porch in 80+ degree weather with a nice cool breeze in my hair, feet up, getting ready to enjoy my ice cold beer when I noticed a million eyes staring up at me from the rim of my drink. This got us talking about why limes are always present in a beer in Mexico.

Here are the Top Five reasons for the lime:
5. Simply, it is a Mexican tradition. Viva una lima!

4. Lime placement is a garnish, a touristy gimmick that makes the beer look muy bonita.

3. The lime acts as a beer-swiffer that keeps the top of your beer free from sand, dust and dirt.

2. A squeeze of a lime masks the skunk in Corona, adds flavor to the bland and makes a great tasting XX oh-so refreshing!

1. The tiny wedge will keep unwanted pelican-crap-and-dead-sea-creature-bacteria laden flies out of the mouth of your beer!

A toast to Numero Uno! Shoo-flies and Salud!


Lori said...

Nice pics, are they yours from your trip? Surely your not back from Mexico already!
Have you tried the new Miller Chill? It has the lime and salt already in it and it sounds so good. It came out after I got pregnant, I can't wait to try it in a couple months. (Okay, I already tried it, just a sip but don't tell anyone)

Mandy Lou said...

Hmmm, never really thought of all those possibilities - I always went with #2, skunky Corona! But a girl should have options.

Glad you're having fun!

Jenni said...

That beer looks oh so refreshing... minus the fly of course.

Fleur de Lisa said...

How funny! I just thought that the lime tastes good! :)