Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years Ago

Six years ago today I was visiting my parents down in Tucson. I woke early while my mom was getting ready for work. I went to the kitchen to eat breakfast and turned the TV on. The trade center was burning and I thought, "That's strange." My friend 'VF' and I were flying to NY for our first trip there a few days later. While I was watching, the second plane hit. Unbelievable. I ran down the hall to find my mom. "Are you seeing this?!" We sat in their room watching in horror as the next plane hit the Pentagon and then a fourth crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.
I was worried for my friend and her husband since he worked in the city. Phones were tied up almost all day. I finally got a hold of her and she told me that everyone was ok.
Saddened, scared and angry, we were glued to the television for days, as was the rest of the country. Sitting by and watching was the only thing we could do besides pray.

After much debate, 'VF' and I decided to make the trip anyway. I'm so glad we did.

Today just sort of snuck up. I remember exactly how I felt that morning and for weeks afterwards and never want to become numb to it.

Let Us Never Forget

Union Square Park
New York City, NY
September 2001

Union Square, NYC

Post Office just off Broadway
New York City, NY
September 2001

Store window on Broadway
New York City, NY
September 2001

Where were you?
If you've recalled what you were doing in a blog post, please leave me your link.

*Update: Read Mandy Lou's post from September 11. Nice Seuss-esque account of the day's events.


The Kept Woman said...

Did you take those photos while you were in NY just following Sept. 11th? They're great.

I was in The Loop (downtown Chicago) and there was, of course as there always is, panic that the Sears Tower was next. Within days there were red, white and blue concrete barriers around the entire tower to prevent vans/trucks from driving into it with explosives.

Thanks for stopping by my place! :)

Sandi said...

We were getting ready for work and watching the news when it happened. The shock lasted for many days. That Friday we went up to Oakland and they had a candle-lighting ceremony. All I could do was hold my candle and cry.

Lori said...

It is a day that most people wont ever forget. I was at work, living in Seattle, so if I hadnt been working night shift I would have missed the whole thing. I was passing morning meds when I saw it on TV.
Your pictures are great.

tommiea said...

Those are very moving pictures....

I was teaching in a junior high school in OK. I didn't want to turn on the tv and let a bunch of teenagers see all what was happening. The computers locked up the server as well.

Thanks for stopping by..

Mandy Lou said...

Those pictures are fantastic!

I was getting ready to go to the hospital, my friend was due to induce labor - needless to say, they called the whole thing off and I ended up sitting in front of the TV all day.

Thanks for stopping...

Jenni said...

I was getting ready for work, and mom called to say, "Turn on the news!" It was all so unbelievable - like something out of a bad movie. I'll never forget that day.