Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dogs and Starfish

I just woke up and was having a dream about Scoobie and Jackie. We were in my parent's backyard running around but the yard was different than it is now. The old patio and stairs were still in place. Buckets of starfish lined the side and front of the porch next to giant planters made from tires and rims. One of the starfish "sat up" on its legs to look at me. It had eyes, little black beady ones, underneath where its stomach should be. When it saw me it walked towards me on its legs to get a better look. It exchanged glances with another starfish, climbed up the side of the bucket and disappeared in to a hole in the top. What the?
I walked up the stairs into the house and Daddy was playing ball with the girls. He was sitting in his chair and was throwing the ball through the sliding door into the living room, which was slightly ajar. Scoobie and Jackie were falling all over themselves to get to it. Poor clumsy Jackie, knocking into things. Scoobs was jumping all over and even managed to push the ottoman out of the way with her back legs during an enthusiastic, springy attempt to catch it. It came to me so I picked it up and it felt like a sopping wet sponge... like heavy wet foam rubber. When I threw it, it landed with a splat on the shelf knocking over one of Mommy's porcelain owls. Jackie gently picked it up and brought it to me. Anyone who knew Jackie knows that when she got control of the ball she used to take off in the opposite direction to chew on it rather than return it. So, good girl, Jackers! I took it from her and this time, when I threw it, it made it through the half opened door.

And then I woke up.


Jenni said...

So, the bit about the starfish looking up at you kind of creeped me out. Glad Jackie came through in the dream though.

kimmyk said...

don't you hate when you wake up at the good part? hate that. i always try to go back to sleep and close my eyes real tight and pick up where i left off-unfortunately, never happens.