Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Loss... and Found

I was overcome with a sense of loss and grief yesterday. I went to visit my friends, three of them, and they were gone. Like gone-gone. No longer there. Poof! Forever. The place was empty. I peered in the windows trying to find a trace of them but there was none. So, I did what any loyal person would do. I tried to track them down. I called 411 to get the scoop. They gave me a new street location (oh, thank God!) and a phone number. I called it. I felt a little like Columbo. When the call connected, this is what I heard, "All circuits are busy. Please try your call again later. Announcement. Eight switch four eight dash four." Excuse me but WTF? I drove around in a haze. What do I do now? My plans were crushed. All the dreams that could have been made a reality were no longer possible. "It could have been so beautiful. It could have been so right..." Yes. I am quoting Tiffany but I should be quoting Enrique. "You can run you can hide but you can't escape my love!"

I sent an email to them this morning, hoping for a reply and I got one. They are alive and well but have moved out of town, to Tucson. They said I am welcome to visit them whenever I want to!
Oh, my friends. I love you!

*That's my slogan. Not theirs. But they can use it if they want to because they are good to me and I love them!


Anthony said...

It sounds like the Amigos needed to be a little closer to the homeland.
What's with the "eight switch dash four" jazz?

Mandy Lou said...

Glad you found it again - it's so sad to lose a good friend!! Love the musical quotes :-)

Lori said...

Silly girl, your an oncology nurse, you shouldn't mess with people like that. I'm glad you found your store though, in the market for new furniture?

Scoobers said...

There is no other store like it, with the prices they offer. My whole decor is based on what they sell. Losing them was seriously stressing me out. From one block to half the state. What's a hundred miles between friends, eh?

Anthony, haha! and I have NO idea.

Sorry, Lori. :)