Saturday, December 1, 2007

57/365 Santa 1978

Katherine, Christine and Santa, 1978

Santa Claus! I couldn't believe it! I was actually meeting you in person! Christine and I sat, excited, awestruck, and rattled off our lists. You on the other hand... a picture says a thousand words.

I am a participant in x365 and Holidailies 2007.


Ingrid said...

OMG!! I wouldn't have even noticed his face, as he was camouflaged by your two adorable smiling faces! Too funny! That is for sure a "priceless" photo. Circa 1978.

Fleur de Lisa said...

How cute! I just found a similar photo of me, circa. 1975. So funny!

I love the new Holiday look!

Scoobers said...

It is priceless... we are clueless and he is waiting for the whistle to blow.

Thanks Lisa! You should post your pic!

may-b said...

That is too funny. Most the time, the pics I see is Santa smiling and the kids screaming. I love this!

I too love your Christmas theme. Very cool.