Friday, December 7, 2007


Dinner, uploaded by scoobers

Dookie gets so excited over little things, sometimes I think she might spin out of control and spontaneously combust. Even before I pour the food into her bowl she jumps and twirls, snorts and kicks her paws against my back as I make my way across the kitchen. Who knew dog food could be the cause of such a display of enthusiasm? She does well in that she waits for me to finish pouring but when she hears the words, "Ok, go ahead", she attacks the food like the kibbles are making a run for it and doesn't bother to swallow but literally inhales them. Literally. First, there was this deep coughing noise, following by choking and then nothing. I watched her for a few seconds (i.e. an eternity) to see if she was going to clear the kibble but nary a bit. My instinct kicked in so I gave her a quick thump to her back. It never occurred to me how a back-blow might be construed by a dog. Totally taken by surprise, she scurried to to opposite end of the kitchen and looked up at me over her shoulder with huge eyes, full of shock and disbelief. I think she thought I was trying to kill her. She started coughing again and slimy chunks of food flew onto the floor.

Apparently, I need to take some doggie CPR classes in case something similar, or worse, happens again. Thanks, D for the idea because it never crossed my mind that something like that existed.


kimmyk said...

my dogs inhale their food like they're starving and i feed them more than i should cause they're fat asses and well....i never knew you could take doggie cpr. who knew? well, apparently D knew.

i love the photo though. very sweet!

d said...

oh. i'm so glad that dookie is ok. i was scared there for awhile.

pet cpr may not be available in your area, but there is a first aid for pets book that should give you much of what you need.

also, for future ref. you can perform the heimlich on your dog. i've had to a few times. because apparently dogs are kinda dumb and don't know that they actually need to chew their food.

Just Laura said...

I am quite impressed you confessed the doggie heimlich situation. Poor Dookie. I can just see her cowering in the corner wondering what the hell she did to deserve a blow to the back!

I absolutely love the photo!