Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Dookie In My Bed

When Dook first came to stay, I was pretty adamant about not having her on the furniture. The trainer told me I was to use repetitive, positive reinforcement to get her follow commands and redirection to discourage bad behavior. My own voice rang in my ears while I slept, "Speak. Speak. Speak. Speak!", in every possible intonation. Eventually, she did learn to speak, sit, stay, wait and walk. We're still working on the walking because it's really more of a "How many times can I twirl and wrap the leash around 'Two Legs' so that she falls and makes a fool of herself in the park" type of maneuver. The other problem was laying down. She doesn't seem to get the concept of immediacy. Lay down. Do it now and do it there. She stares blankly, yawns and moves on.
Also, she lays where ever she wants to. I admit that I, after no help from others who, because Dookie is simply irresistible, continued to let her jump up into comfy laps and couches, have become lax in that area. First, I allotted her the hassock which was covered with a stylish Mexican blanket. Before you say "The what?" The hassock. Ottoman. Foot stool. All the same thing. And no, I do not use 'davenport' in place of couch. Sofa, yes. Not davenport. Way too forties. Anyway, first there was the hassock. Then it was the big chair but only if it was covered properly. Next, came the couch but only if I am there to cuddle with.
The beds, however, and anywhere there is carpeting was a 'No Privilege Area'. She had peed and pooed one too many times, in the presence of me even, that there was no way in hell she would be allowed in there anymore.

Recently, I was carrying a load of laundry into my room and found this:

A Dookie on my bed.

Too cute for words. Yes, she is aware. She is also big enough to get up there by herself. And get down by herself. And get up there herself. And get down by herself. And... you get the picture.

I am a participant in Holidailies 2007.


Sandi said...

Dookie sounds like a cat! Take no orders, never ask permission, always have that "you talking to ME?" look on your face.

Fleur de Lisa said...

My grandmother used to say davenport. ;-)

Dookie and my Gatsby share a love of the bed. I was against it, but my son loves having her sleep under the covers with him. Ugh!

Wendy said...

We were talking about the word davenport at my party last night. Funny. My grandma used to call it that but she quit when she got a leather sofa. Apparently leather is too good to be called a davenport.

I did the same thing with my dogs. It wasn't long before they were both in bed with us.

Lori said...

She was trying to show you that she can be a good dog if you just let her sleep in the bed with you!

may-b said...

I'm a horrible dog mommy. Not only do I let all three dogs on the bed, sometimes I have to move and twist especially to accommodate them.

Vicki sleeps on my pillow with her head resting on my neck. But they are so cute.

How could you resist Dookie for so long??

kimmyk said...

oh that's a bad situation right there. we first thought it was cute when they would jump on the i can't get any sleep.

but you're right-dookie looks adorable on the bed so...i think i'd let him stay.

tommie said...

She looks like she is loving life sleeping up there.

Mandy Lou said...

Aw, she's just too cute to make her get down!

We don't let George sleep with us, mostly because we're out to real estat, three cats and two humans in a queen size bed is pretty much the max!