Saturday, July 21, 2007

Monsoon, Come Hither!

Dust Storm, originally uploaded by scoobers1.

Getting ready for work, I took a shower and could not dry off, was sweating despite the AC set at 70 and wished I had turned the water to COLD. A beep and a ticker flashed across the bottom of the evening news. The National weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning. Yay!
I got in my car and the temperature registered 107 degrees.
There was a red wall of dust headed my way and I have sand in my eyes and nostrils.

So, weather woman, you say the monsoons are coming. Day after day the dew point creeps closer and closer to the real thing. You say we need three consecutive days at a specific dew point to get there but each day on what should be day three, we start back at square one. Drat!
Half of the Arizona desert rose into the atmosphere last night and was followed by a sad attempt at a rain storm. The lightening from the 12th floor was impressive. I wish I had my camera.
When I left work in the morning, the sun burned out my retinas and I was dripping with sweat again. When I got to my car I could barely see through the mud on my windshield.

What happened to the deluge that we were threatened with?

That's it, weather woman. If I want it done right, I will do it myself!

I will do a rain dance! I will play a rain stick! I will pray to the Rain Gods. Consult a rain-maker...



Jenni said...

HA! Make sure you give your car a deluxe super wash - that should ensure some really impressive thunderstorms that will rage for days!

Really, next summer you need to come up here for a visit. I won't tell you what our current temps are (that would be mean), but I will say that you would find them more comfortable than 107 degrees.

Sandi said...

Heck, I'll tell you. It's about 75 right now! It's interesting how the weather has changed in Tucson. When I was little, the clouds began rolling in the first week of July. Every afternoon around 4pm you could count on a really cool thunder-lightening-rain thing. That went on for several weeks. By the time I left Tucson, the monsoons came later and more sporadically. Couldn't set your clocks by them anymore!

Enjoy the heat. By October it will be a chilly 85 degrees.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

When you wash your car, pretend that a carjacker comes by. Then you will break into cold sweats. Best way I know of to beat the heat.

kimmyk said...

yep, it always rains when i wash my car.

wash it girl.

nasty mud. hate mud. blech.

looked nasty for a minute there though.

Wendy said...

I don't think I could live where it is 107 degrees. I don't go outside if it is 90!