Monday, July 2, 2007

All In a Night's Work: II

'Neutrophil' courtesy of

  • 4 the number of shifts out of seven I have worked so far
  • 14.5 the number of hours worked in a 12 hours shift (damn good over-time)
  • 3 the number of patients I took care of last night (thanks, Sue for blocking beds)
  • 3 the number of patients who are severely neutropenic
  • 1 the number of patients who have an antibiotic resistant bacteria in their blood
  • 1 the number of patients who crashed to the floor when no one was looking (about 5 minutes into start of shift)
  • 3 the number of STAT procedures ordered to rule out bleeds and/or fractures
  • 10 the number of times I had to call the doctor regarding patient status
  • 2 the number of patients who were bleeding from their nether-regions
  • 2 the number of blood products given
  • 60* the number of liquidy, bloody stools/urine that were dumped
  • 6000* the number of cc's of bodily waste measured, dumped and flushed
  • 1 the number of times I, myself, was able to pee during my shift (finally at 0500)
  • 15 the number of vital signs that were taken
  • 0 the number of CNAs (nursing assistants) that were staffed to help us
  • 1 the number of foley catheters placed
  • 1 the number of IVs started
  • 7 the number of blood draws performed
  • 50* the number of IV narcotics, antibiotics and other meds administered
  • 5 the number of minutes I got to scarf down my cafeteria salad
  • ? the number of miles walked (or ran) in the nurses station
  • 1 the number of toilets that burst a pipe and flooded a room
  • 2 the number of times that I laughed so hard I almost peed myself
Thank you, J, for all of your help! You have no idea how much time you saved me. Everyone else... thanks for the laughs! Good times! See you tonight and nitey-nite!

*approximate number only as I truly could not keep track


Sandi said...

Man, I had trouble getting past the one about peeing only once in 14.5 hours!!!

Jenni said...

Good lord! This is why I'm not a nurse. I could barely handle cleaning up animal waste at the pet hospital - but measuring human body waste??? *gag*

It's certainly not a glamorous job, but it is more important than almost any other occupation.