Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Do you remember doing these activities on Earth Day? Ah nostalgia and to be little again.
Thanks Christine for the photos!


Ingrid said...

I was hoping for some cookie sheet photos but alas.
I loved Google's Earth Day! Better than Earth Hour (was that what it was called?)
I LOVED the parachute! So versatile, go under, bounce balls on top, trap air underneath...
The medicine ball though, never good, I remember crying, lots of crying.

Jenni said...

I totally remember that big Earth ball! So much fun!

We did the parachute with Vika's kindergarten class last year - I think some of the adult chaperones had a better time playing wiht that thing than the kids!

Mandy Lou said...

I used to love the parachute, but we always did that on rainy days. Come to think of it I fairly certain Earth Day came along well after my elementary school days (ugh, I'm old).