Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weekly News: SPF

For my weekly new experience, I am participating in my first "Stuff Portrait Friday". Now, every week there will be a new experience and SPF!
Every week Kristine will assign a new project for Friday.
Will you play?

– Put something you own in your hand and take a picture of it. A handful of something.

SPF: A Handful of Music

This a handful of my music. I am an iTunes addict and I love my shuffle. It pretty much goes with me everywhere (except work). Yes, it says scoobers on it : ) Rock on!


Wendy said...

Very nice! Welcome to SPF!

I played too.

Connie said...

What a cute little ipod. I played too.

Jenie said...

Ooh...I like it! I want one of those!

Very nice first SPF! I played too.

san said...

Wow, this thing is tiny ... :)

I played.

Jenni said...

OMG, that is so frickin' cute! Mine is a big lime green one form about 5 years ago. Clearly, I need to upgrade.

Happy SPF! Glad you joined the game. :)

Tina said...

Welcome to our weekly SPF. Hope you enjoy it. ;-)

Wow, how much Songs to you´ve on your ipod?

Happy SPF, and i played, too.

Arlene said...

Oh my God that's small!!! I love it!!
I played too :-)

Sandi said...

Hey, thanks for giving me an idea for Miss Jenni's birthday!

Southern Fried Girl said...

What on earth did we ever do before iPods?

I played.

Lavender said...

Hey Kathy, I played for the first time this week too! RN's a tough job, but a really important one. Cheers!

Teena said...

I still don't have one of those. What a loser I am! Ha!

I played too :)