Saturday, May 26, 2007

SPF: Small and Pink

This week's Self Portrait Friday assignment was to post a picture of something small and pink.

A Good Night's Sleep, originally uploaded by scoobers1.

I was at work and had been thinking about what to do for SPF when Lou pulled a couple of Ambien out for her patient. Lucky, I had my camera with me. For a night shift nurse, this is a handy drug to have in your patient's arsenal... for the patients and the nurses! : )

This was another idea I had at the last minute to deviate from the working world. I have a series of "Dragonfly" drawings in my bathroom. They are my favorites in the house so I thought I'd share.


Jenni said...

Nicely done Kathy. I especially like the pink dragonfly wings.

Happy SPF!

Sandi said...

The pills are adorable (!!)