Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scoobers Lives!

This is a story about two puppies...
Scoobers and Blackberry.

Once upon a time, on a sunny summer day, Scoobers was playing in the water when all of a sudden a bee began to buzz around, terrorizing her and threatening to sting her! Just then, another puppy named Blackberry happened by to see what was going on. He yelled at the bee, chased it away and Scoobers was safe. Blackberry seemed like a very nice puppy. He was very outgoing, friendly and made one kick-ass Bloody Mary. Blackberry quickly became friends with Scoobers and the rest of her pack. All the puppies hung out and had great fun together.

Scoobers and Blackberry formed a close friendship. They went places together, shared laughs, stories, dreams, fears, tears and talked about everything, often until the sun came up the next day. Both had found a wonderful friend in the other and they were happy.

As time went by, Blackberry began to act strangely. He made pointed comments to Scoobers when she showed any interest in other boy dogs and tried to discourage her from making friends with them. You see, Blackberry had developed feelings for Scoobers which surpassed the realm of friendship and this made Scoobers a little uncomfortable. She told Blackberry that, although she appreciated him and valued his friendship, his feelings were not reciprocated in the same way. Blackberry said, "I understand. Your friendship means more to me than anything and I would never want to do anything to jeopardize it." All was right and the two remained friends.

Eventually, time passed, the two puppies grew up and as all grown-ups know, life got somewhat complicated. It's a dog's life, after all. Blackberry had continued to say and do some things that scared Scoobers. He also made her sad and uneasy. She talked to him about this several times but it seemed that Blackberry had formed some sort of a pattern and no sooner than a promise to change was made, it would be broken and Scoobers would end up feeling bad again. The situation was dark and hopeless.
It was then that Scoobers decided that she needed her space and although Blackberry had always been there for her when she needed him, she felt that his actions had negatively impacted and damaged their friendship beyond repair. In many other ways her life was taking on a new direction and she required change within herself and around her. She hoped that he would understand.

Many months went by and Scoobers was happy.

Then, one day, Blackberry contacted Scoobers. He was in trouble-- big trouble and needed someone who would listen. Scoobers could not turn her back on her old friend. As best she could, she tried to offer support. At the same time she was wary that Blackberry may try to enter her life again. She was very happy with the way things were and did not wish to revisit the dark place again. They talked a couple of times, he keeping her updated with his situation, her lending an ear. One night, as they sat chatting, Scoobers talked and talked and talked. And then talked some more. She told Blackberry some of the things that were going on in her life, with her family and friends. Then she shared with him a website. Her website. "How funny it is that I can talk and write so much about nothing! In fact! That's what it is! A website about nothing!" She laughed. "You should check it out!" She laughed again. Then she gave him the URL.

Over the next few weeks a little birdie told Scoobers that Blackberry had been visiting her site almost every day and sometimes two times a day! This continued for weeks but Scoobers knew that Blackberry had to go away for a while... on a camping trip. She decided to keep tabs on dates and times that Blackberry came and sure enough he only visited when his owners let him out of the tent to 'do his business'. As soon as Blackberry returned from camp he also returned to frequently and regularly lurking. Again, Scoobers felt violated. She knew that the things she wrote, she displayed for all to see- nothing too private and she usually kept it light with the knowledge it might be found by those she knew. Still, she felt icky inside knowing that Blackberry was checking up on her. She did not feel that his intentions were meritable since he never commented or made it known that he visited. In fact, he sent her cards and messages alluding that he did not visit by asking questions about the very things Scoobers wrote about and purposely- obviously misspelled certain names that appeared frequently in Scoobers writing. This irritated Scoobers. Knowing this, she stopped writing. She did not feel comfortable anymore doing something she quite enjoyed doing. People wondered where she went. Had she had dropped off the face of the earth? Deserted the bloggers' scene? She missed her friends and .comrades but could not bear to know that someone out there was 'secretly' watching her ever so closely from afar.

Torn, Scoobers wanted to write but couldn't bring herself to do it... until today.

Scoobers remembered a long lost icon. Someone who was always able to overcome, cared not what others thought and did what he had to do. He was a survivor! Pish! And Pish lives forever!
In remembering this, Scoobers was able to write again. She wrote a story for someone hoping that if he read it, would see how she felt in a different light. Maybe, he would finally understand what she needed. Scoobers hoped for the best for Blackberry and wished him well in his quest to make amends with people in his life. She wished him well in everything he will do. After that, Blackberry moved on to live a happy, separate life and Scoobers was happy once more.

The moral of this story: Do not give out your blog web address to someone who has demonstrated even mild to moderate obsessive, stalker-type behavior (i.e. spying, eavesdropping, driving by), no matter how many glasses of wine you've had.

*This post was based upon a true story. The characters are not fictional. Any resemblance to a particular lurker out there is not coincidental. Names have been changed to protect the lurker. If you are this lurker, please stop lurking. Seriously, for the last time, please let me be. I am going to have to lock my account or find a different server. If you think you know this lurker, please do not comment. Thank you.
**Artwork by Kathy-rine


Lori said...

I love the art work in this post, and the story was great. What a cleaver way to tell blackberry to get lost.
I hope he does, because Scoobers is missed in blogland.

Rachael said...


But, glad you're back, and glad I kept you in my bloglines so I'd know you're back!

Jenni said...

Glad you're back, despite the creepy Blackberry thing. Ugh. It makes me *shudder*.

How cool is it that Pish is still inspiring you, even now? Pish RULES.

Just Laura said...
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Just Laura said...

By the way - Pish kicks ass!

Mandy Lou said...

Yucky! I hope Blackberry gets this massive hint! 'Cause we've missed you!! Not that I want you to, but you could always take the blog private?!

As always the artwork is fab!

Scoobers said...

Hi guys! I am back but still keeping an eye out. If there is more activity then I will end up taking your advice Mandy Lou and passwording my account. Sucks but just the way it has to be.

I'm still trying to figure out how that works and am messing around with one of my other pages to do so.

Jenni- yes, Pish is still and always an influence. I think your mom did a post a while back (cleaning out her desk for retirement) and Pish was there somewhere :) PLUS!! I was cleaning out a room and found the comic strips I did in HS! He pops up on his own accord at the most random times. Funny little guy.

L- Pish rocks! (with Joe Elliot)

Thanks for the comments and complements on the art. Anyone a writer/story teller? Need an illustrator? We could work together for fun :)

Sandi said...

Pish lives!! And so does Scoobers! All is good! (Jenni says I use too many exclamation points!!)

Ingrid said...

Happy you are back! This is my only outlet to you. And although I make a mean bloody mary I doubt you are speaking of me! I hope not. I mean I admitted to visiting your site no more than three, ok five, times a day... But I miss you!
Hey I have a totally unrelated request. If I get you some CDs will you burn the Beatles for me??
I have been watching American Idol contestants butcher their songs, but still thinking... Is there one, even one, Beatles song that isn't good?
Missed you! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blackberry!

Scoobers said...

eh hem... anon. don't encourage him. he already started visiting sis's site!

kimmyk said...

wow, i wondered what happened to you.

i love the artwork you crafty, b you.

man yeah. good lesson. there's been a bunch of times i've almost spit it out there, but then caught myself. no thanks.

i already sensor myself enough cause my daughter reads...and i've told her not to, but i see her..lurking. i should beat her huh? lol. kidding.

glad you're back...if you go password..keep a sister in the know..mmkay?!

El and Chuck said...

What a sorry story. xoxo