Friday, February 8, 2008

I Am Not Dead

I am quite alive and I am well.

I just haven't felt much like blogging lately. Been trying to catch up on x365 but even that has fallen by the wayside. Ah, well. Such is the nature of journaling/blogging.
I wonder how you all are and hope you are well. If I have some time I will try to peek in on you to see what you all are up to. I have not forgotten about you!

Perhaps I'll get an urge to log on and write something soon.

Until then my sweets, take care.

Oh, and Jenni... I have not forgotten about PIF. Seeking motivation. Soon.



kimmyk said...

i'm glad you're not dead.
i would be so sad if you were.

take your time we'll all be here. or well, i will. i can't speak for anyone else, but me? i'm loyal like that.

see you when you get back.

may-b said...

I have to admit I was starting to be concerned. Glad to hear you are doing ok.

Just Laura said...

I'll be here too. Give me a call.
Love you.

Lori said...

I figured you were alive and well, but still it's good to know for sure.
I thought maybe they took away your internet privileges at work like they did mine, or maybe you found some hottie who was way more fun than blogging ;)
Anyway, glad to hear your okay, and hope your back soon.

Ingrid said...

Yea! You are back. So many cold winter nights without you... It was very difficult for me to keep up my three to four visits a day to your blog when I had to just keep reading about January 16th! Arghhhh! It was like Groundhog's Day!

Jenni said...

I was wondering what happened to you! Glad you're back. Hope you find your blogging grove again.

catheroo said...

Welcome back. Thanks for checking in. My Google Reader was lonely without you!

Mandy Lou said...

I've been MIA too - but glad to see you're still with us!

I'm with Kimmy, I'll be here when you get back.