Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Soft, Fluffy, Warmness

9/365, originally uploaded by scoobers.
One of my years old, worn out, yet beloved slippers went missing last month and in January it is absolutely necessary to have a cozy pair of slippers to keep one's feet toasty warm, especially when there is an over abundance of cold, hard tile throughout one's living quarters.
Against better judgment, I decided to brave the hoards of shoppers during one of the New Year sales events but ended up scoring these faux leather and sheep skinned little gems at Gap Body. Hidden amongst the slew of socks and slipper stockings adorned with snowflakes and candy cane stripes was the last of their kind with a 50% off the listed sale price. I swooped in and snatched them up before Mama Dooney and her three baby Bourkes could get their hot little hands on them. What can I say? You snooze, you lose. Plus, payback is a beeotch when you practically swipe the last pair of medium sized, super cute, penguined pajama bottoms out of my hand.

I am in love with my new slippers or, as I soon dubbed them, Dookie's new chew-toys. When I walked into the living room wearing them for the first time, Dookie ran to me, tail wagging, leaping up, excited to see me. I rubbed her head as she leaned against my leg and proceeded with an ankle drenching lick fest. My new slippers, adorned with little bows and dangling puff balls proved too tempting for her and the affectionate licks turned into to an attempt to sever a puff from an unsuspecting slipper. I offered only a preview as to what would transpire if ever a mangled slipper should be found. Needless to say, it will not be a pleasant sight for the slippers, me or for Dookie.

I'm taking bets. How long will they last in the House of Dook?
One month? One week? An hour?

Because the house? Is no longer mine. She has taken over it and all that is contained within. In an attempt to protect the slippers I have stocked up on fluffy, sheep skin 'bones', soft squeaky toys and ropes that will serve as distractions. I have also taken to reading the books on obedience, chewing, and house training that Laura got me (us) for Christmas.

Obedience 101: An Intro to Not Destroying Everything In Your Path

Also, apologies in advance to the Pet's Mart trainer who will most definitely have his/her hands full when we make an appearance. Please. We need you. Give us a chance and don't ban us from returning. Thank you.


kimmyk said...

those are cute and i know how you feel...my dog mags has chewed on everything.

how she gonna turn the pages though? haha!

Sandi said...

Yeah, I say put the slippers in a drawer when you're not wearing them!

may-b said...

It is all about preservation in my house. Don't want them eaten? Leave them outside or up high enough. But even im my place that doesn't work. Dogs are persistant and all it will take it forgetting to put them away once.

Why do we love these little creatures so?

Scoobers said...

she'll just EAT the pages!

i plan to be very careful... but it'll be that ONE time, like with my phone charger. Or right under my nose, like my lap top charger...

She's a sneaky little girl!

Wendy said...

She will make short work of those fluffy little slippers! Good luck to the trainer...I bet he will need it!